10 Tips for Feeling at Home in a Hotel

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This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I get incredibly home sick when traveling for more than 3 days. In the absence of my home environment, I try to find other ways to connect with my new hotel environment. Hotels can seem sterile and impersonal; therefore, I try to incorporate my own personal belongings into my temporary space.

  • Display Personal Photos: Having a familiar face in your hotel room, if only in a photograph, is very welcoming. Travel with a framed photo of your favorite memory or an image that yields happiness.
  • Stay in Touch: Staying in touch with family and friends is key to helping overcome my loneliness. It is really great if you have a laptop with a web cam, but also sending a simple postcard helps to stay connected when traveling.
  • Light Candles: Candles add a romantic and calming energy to any space. One of the ways I feel connected is through familiar scents; therefore, I prefer to travel with my favorite candle.
  • Pack a Personal Alarm Clock: Waking up to an alarm clock is jarring and even more so when the sound is unfamiliar.
  • Utilize the Closet and Dresser: Putting my clothes in the hotel closet and especially the dresser does make me a little nervous that I may forget something when checking out of the room. However, it is comforting not to live out of a suitcase for the entire stay.
  • Visit the Local Grocery Store: Traveling usually means eating out for almost every meal, but don’t rule out the option for making small meals in the hotel room. Visiting the local market is a great way to interact with residents and another option for eating in a different city.
  • Travel with Music: Music is very personal and provokes certain emotions. We each have a song that makes us smile, frown, or sometimes cry. Put together and travel with a playlist of songs that remind you of happy memories.
  • Pack Lounge Clothes: When I create my travel checklist, I am certain to include the necessities for my trip. I have to remind myself to pack comfort items or luxuries. I feel most relaxed when I am lounging in my favorite pair of sweats and a camisole shirt.
  • Pack Personal Care Items: Because the air quality is different in each city, I find my skin and hair is sometimes a little dry when traveling. For me it is essential to have my own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, etc.
  • Travel with Friends or Family: Traveling with friends or family may seem like the obvious, but whenever possible I prefer to travel with loved ones vs. traveling alone. It is fun to explore a new city together.

What are your tips for feeling at home when traveling or staying in a hotel?

Setting Up Home: In a Hotel Room

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