10 Tips on Making a Mini Makeshift Mudroom

10 Tips on Making a Mini Makeshift Mudroom

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 6, 2011

120611-mud.jpg 'Tis the season for mud, soggy weather and muck of all sorts. Even if you don't have a room dedicated to taking off your shoes and keeping Mother Nature out of your house, we have 10 tips on creating your own pint sized version to keep things clean until things dry up!

1. Shoe Tray: The first step to keeping the outside where it belongs is with your shoes. Get them off and have something to put them on to catch the slush, mud and other debris that might be attached.

2. Brushes: Once your mud has dried, using a stiff bristled brush to get the chunks out of the grooves is a good thing. That said, there's never one around when you need one. Things like metal skewers or a scissor can also work well.

3. A Place to Rinse: Even if you're not a dirty person or don't work on a farm, the idea of having a place to wash the dirt off you is a good one. It might not be a lot, but a box of wet wipes to clean off the tops of boots or the bottom of a bag is always a help.

4. Everything Has a Place: If you're busy dealing with mud, make sure you have a place to put your coat and bag that's out of the way. Even if this isn't where you usually keep such things, having a hook or two can really help out.

5. Make It Obvious: Would you like guests to use this space? Keep a pair of shoes on your boot tray at all times to help encourage guests to ditch their dirty shoes at the door.

6. A Place to Sit: Try having a small place to sit, or at least rest your back against while you remove dirty shoes. It can keep frustration down and lessen the chance of freaking out when your boot is stuck half on and half off and you totally have to pee. Yeah you know what I'm talkin' about.

7. Keep It Clean: Since you're creating an area that's intended to collect the outside elements, make sure you head in a few times a week and keep the place clean. Soft towels that get washed are an easy way to clean up drips or puddles and can help wipe things down without really thinking about it.

8. Got Heat?: A small fan heater can help not only warm up a space, but in this case, help it dry out as well. If you don't keep your house especially warm, sometimes coats and gloves will have a hard time drying between uses. A small heater, even if only used occasionally will help out.

9. Slippers: You know what's better than coming home? Coming home to soft slippers! Keep them by your door so when the boots come off, they go on. It's a small comfort to welcome you home that's sure to set your night off right.

10. A Spot for Pets: Do you have a dog? Since they don't wear boots (unless yours are less horrified by that idea than mine), the salt, sand, ice, snow and mud just jams itself right up between their little toes. Some keep a small bowl of water to dip their paws in to rinse, others just wipe them down. Just make sure you have a place to take care of Fido before he prances across your rug.

Do you have a tip or trick that's helped your entryway or corner of your main room become a mudroom during the slushy season? Let us know below!

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Image: Maillardville

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