How to Expertly Mix Geek with Chic on a Bookcase

How to Expertly Mix Geek with Chic on a Bookcase

Taryn Williford
Sep 16, 2013

When it comes to home decor, glam and geek can be like oil and vinegar: they don't naturally mix well, but when done right, it can offer a tasteful combination. The only trick to styling a collection of seemingly disparate elements—smoothly folding together The Walking Dead figurines with gilded gold giraffes—is to go into it with a well thought out strategy and an open mind.

The "open mind" part I can't help you with, but in regards to creating a plan for mixing contrasting styles, I'd recommend taking a cue from Desert Domicile, who shows an example of this mix in practice. Faced with combining her boyfriend's menagerie of sci-fi and gaming gear with her own charming collection of home decor in their shared home office, Desert Domicile developed, 10 Bookcase Styling Tips & Tricks to Mix His & Hers Styles.

It's a great guide for combining "His" and "Hers" in a home, but it's also helpful for any orientation of roommates or couples with one geek partner and one chic partner sharing a common space. The same goes for a single dweller with dual interests in both the gritty and the pretty.

Remember, when planning how to style a decorative display with both action figures and decorative driftwood, it pays to go slow. Don't be afraid to start over if something's not working. And focusing on partnering elements by color, composition, or similar shape can help bring any eclectic collection together.

More info and images: Desert Domicile

For more inspiration, there are plenty of other geek-chic homeowners who have blazed the trail before, combining toys and figurines in totally grown-up displays:

(Images: Desert Domicile, Ahoy! Pacific Helm's Happy Modern Office)

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