10 Tips to Save Energy in the Kitchen

10 Tips to Save Energy in the Kitchen

Abby Stone
Aug 26, 2009


Ah, the kitchen. The heart of the home does a lot of work and expends a lot of energy. Reduce your use by implementing the following tips...

  1. Go Cold: if you're only using a small amount of water, opt for cold water instead of hot.
  2. Put a lid on it: Store all food in the fridge in covered containers. Uncovered food releases moisture which makes the compressors work harder.
  3. Air tight: check the seal on your refrigerator's door by closing it on a dollar bill. If you can pull it out easily, you may need to adjust the latch or replace the seal
  4. Look Blue: If you have a gas stove, check the colour of the flame. A blue flame means your stove is burning efficently; a yellow flame means the gas is burning inefficently. You need to call someone in to adjust it.
  5. Feel the electricity: If your stove's electric, turn off the burners or the oven a few minutes before your cook time ends. The elements continue to stay hot long enough to finish up.
  6. Be Clean: Clean burners and reflector reflect the heat better.
  7. Cover up: Cover your pots to make the liquid in them heat faster.
  8. Size up: Match the size of the pan to the size of the heating element.
  9. Clean your coils: Once a year, move your refrigerator out and clean the coils. Who knows what you might find back there.
  10. Air dry: Unless you have an automatic air-dry switch, turn off the control knob after the final rinse and prop the door open a little so the dishes will dry faster.

Now what? Click on over to our sister site, The Kitchn, and put your energy where it should really go...into cooking and eating.

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