10 To-Do's for a Party-Ready Bathroom

10 To-Do's for a Party-Ready Bathroom

Landis Carey
Nov 16, 2010

Have you ever been to a party and fallen in love with your hosts' sink or the way their toilet doesn't slam? Or maybe you just love the candle that's burning on the sink. Perhaps you even told other guests to check out what you've discovered. A bathroom can be an escape for your partygoers or just another way for you to express your eco hostess skills, so why not go all out? Read on for 10 to-dos to party-ready your loo.

By thoughtfully taking care of these to-do's, you'll ensure your guests feel right at home during the party festivities.

  1. Remove your personal grooming items from the sink and put them away and out of sight.
  2. Take this opportunity to clean-out your medicine cabinet—guests always peek!
  3. Give your bathroom a deep green cleaning. Even if guests aren't going to shower or use the bath, go ahead and scour away!
  4. Place extra toilet paper in an easily accessible place and refill your tissue box.
  5. Hang two or three clean hand towels for your guests to dry their hands. If you're having a large number of guests to your party, you might want to pop into the bathroom mid-party and replace any excessively-used hand towels. If you want your guests to steer clean of using your paper goods to dry their hands, then give them something soft and fresh to use.
  6. Carefully find a good spot for an all-natural holiday candle—a place where nothing can catch on fire. Light the candle before the party commences and let it continue to burn while guests move in and out of the bath.
  7. Refill your hand soap container or place a new bar of soap in a dish next to the sink.
  8. Arrange a small bouquet of flowers to sit on your sink or on the back of the toilet. Even trimmings from your Christmas tree or eucalyptus add a great touch.
  9. Clean-out your trash can and place it in an easily located spot.
  10. Remove any slippery throw rugs for safety.

(Image: House Beautiful)

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