10 Useful Pieces of Tech From the SkyMall

10 Useful Pieces of Tech From the SkyMall

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jan 21, 2010

We have said it before and we will say it again, there are actually useful items in the Sky Mall catalog! Sure, the catalog does contain many items that we do not want taking up precious space in our apartments, but it does also contain quite a few pieces of tech that look pretty useful.

While perusing through the Sky Mall catalog on a recent trip, we discovered quite a few interesting pieces of tech. Most of the this tech had to do with spying, but there were several that had nothing to do with allaying one's suspicions, and it's from these that we have rounded up our top 10.

  • Digital Video Converter Makes digitizing VHS and Beta videos as easy and painless as possible... perfect for the techo-phobe who is looking to digitize old family videos. $99.99
  • Inflatable Movie Screen is a 125"W x 78"H inflatable screen perfect for an outdoor movie night. We think this could add some instant coolness to a pool party, just add a great movie, speakers, and a projector. $249.99
  • Cinemin iPod/ iPhone Projector powered by Texas Instruments DLP technology is an ultra portable micro projector that runs on batteries. We can see this being very useful for quickly sharing photos or video content from your iPhone with friends and family while at home or at a party. $349.99
  • iPod Car Docking Station fits in a standard cupholder and is a triple threat as a dock, charging station, and fm transmitter for your iPod. For those of us that have cars and iPods this sounds mighty useful indeed. $69.99
  • Battery Case iPhone 3G/3GS Similar to the Incase 3G iPhone Power Slider case, increases the phone's battery life by 200%. With the battery life of the iPhone being what it is, an extension of it is quite a welcome thing. $79.95
  • Portable Laptop Table w/ Fan is a handy little table with dual fans and a cupholder. The table folds away when not in use, and apparently is a breeze to travel with as it fits in your laptop bag. When we think about just how often we use our laptop in bed and just how hot it gets, this device starts looking more and more useful. $49.99
  • Cartdesk does exactly as it's name implies, it's a luggage cart that turns into a laptop desk. Although at first glance the product did make us smirk a little, after thinking about all the times we've tried to balance our laptops on one arm while in the super slow moving lines at the airport the Cartdesk started to make more sense. $159.95
  • Global Atomic Alarm Clock sports a clean design and is convenient for the traveler who is never quite sure what the local time is. The clock clearly displays world time zones allowing the weary traveler to keep an eye on the time at home while adjusting to the local time. $49.95
  • 150-Country Power Converter for the frequent international traveler it provides power and plug adaptation for over 150 countries worldwide. It automatically detects incoming voltage up to 2,000 watts (and 240V), converts it to 120-volt AC power, and covers countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas just to name a few. $39.95
  • Scosche reviveLITE is a compact wall charger for all docking iPod and iPhone models. The integrated nightlight, additional USB port, and cord-free design make this charger perfect for travel. $24.99

Don't worry, you won't need to wait till your next flight to purchase any of these items, the SkyMall is available online and through their new iPhone app.

Have you discovered any tech gems in the SkyMall?

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