10 Video Games Fun For Couples to Play Together

10 Video Games Fun For Couples to Play Together

The stereotype of the lonely gamer is so 2000. We know quite a few couples who not only enjoy playing video games, but also enjoy playing them together. For those who game regularly together and also for couples just getting their feet wet playing co-op/versus, we've compiled a list of 10 titles we believe are particularly couples-friendly (or with a group). Did we leave out the game you love to play with your other half? Let us know in the comments!

  • Mario Kart Wii There is a reason why this game is a classic party game... it's really fun to play together! With easy to use controls and a game mechanism that keeps any player from getting too far ahead it's a fun game for novice gamers to play with avid gamers and not feel out of their depth. $50
  • Dance Central 2 We are not sure which we love more, playing this Kinect game or watching others play it. We've been playing Dance Central for as long as we have had a Kinect and we eagerly await version 2 which will allow for two players to dance at the same time. Price TBA
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Nothing says romance like running from a zombie hoard together. Because this Xbox 360 game is a first person shooter it might not be the easiest for the lay gamer to pick up (I am rubbish at FPS and I invariably spend most of my time walking into walls) but killing zombies is generally always a good time had by all. $30
  • Boom Blox & Boom Blox Bash Party Although this game is developed with Steven Spielburg, there is not much storytelling going on. This Wii game is a collection of puzzles with several different modes (think some combination of Jenga and Angry Birds) that are quite fun to solve together. $30
  • Little Big Planet 2 If you are not yet familiar with the adorableness that is Little Big Planet you are in for a treat! This fun PS 3 title allows you to build your own worlds and play them together. Did we mention it is quite adorable? Check out the trailer for Little Big Planet 2 below to see what we mean. $60

  • Super Mario Bros Wii With this new version you can decide whether you two will play cooperatively or competitively. Rather push your darling significant other's Mario off of a cliff than lend her some help? Yes, you can do that. $50
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World A perfect game for the vintage gaming couple with a sense of humor, this PSN download title is filled with funny and unexpected game elements. $10
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Not getting enough superheros during your movie dates? Become your favorite Marvel superheros in this game which like most button mashers you can play either with skill or with, well, button mashing. $30
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 In this game, one player becomes Mario and the other is the "helper." The "helper" can do things like help Mario jump higher or shoot stars and is a nice no pressure way to play alongside a more game savvy partner. $50
  • Kinect Sports We love the variety of games in Kinect Sports that make it easy to find just the right one for our moods when we play together. Feeling low key? Make it a bowling night. Lots of energy? Work it out in boxing. $50

Thanks Dan and Adrienne for your suggestions!

What's a great game that you love to play with your significant other?

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