10 Wacky Tech Habits We're Totally Guilty Of

10 Wacky Tech Habits We're Totally Guilty Of

Taryn Williford
May 5, 2011

Nothing seems to invite superstition and strange behavior like the new and complex world of technology. As we're learning to use and interact with a bevy of personal devices, we're each developing small, but hugely strange, habits. Habits largely without any sort of redeeming value beyond making us happy and comfortable.

Everyone's got their quirky habits, right? Like any of you are perfect. Psssh!

We wanted to unleash 10 awesomely weird, unusual tech-centric habits we're totally guilty of:

  1. Unplugging only at 100 percent. Yeah, it doesn't matter. But we always do it anyway.
  2. Leaving the plastic screen guard on our new gear for as long as possible. It's there to ward off scratches, isn't that a good thing?
  3. Going into the Apple Store at the mall when we don't need to buy anything. Even if you have an iPad at home, isn't it fun to play with the ones in the store?
  4. Using our laptop for warmth. Sure, we could put the DVD on our bedroom TV, but cozying up with Mr. MacBook sounds so much better in the winter.
  5. Being nearly OCD about washing our hands before we handle white tech. What? Those little rubber earbuds stain so fast!
  6. Opening up a GMail tab every time we fire up our browser. Even if we just checked for new messages a split second ago on our phone.
  7. Re-routing our GPS midway along our journey. We want to make sure we're still on the shortest route, OK?
  8. Taking our phone to the bathroom (and sometimes even our laptop). What? You do it too.
  9. Spending more for something "official" or "approved." Sure, generic would be cheaper but we'd rather have the real thing.
  10. Not opening up the box until we're ready to use our new tech. It keeps that new feeling, like it's fresh of the shelf.

If you, too, want to clear your chest of your own bizarre techie behavior, share it with us in the comments!

(Images: Flickr member Artnow314 licensed for use under Creative Commons, Do You Unplug at 100 Percent battery?

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