10 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays Like A DIY Jedi

10 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays Like A DIY Jedi

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 11, 2009

We like to talk a big game when it comes to design and interior decorating, but there's a small large part of us that still geeks out over nerdy plays on traditional decor— especially when it comes to Star Wars. Even if these aren't the droids you're looking for, you'll still get a chuckle out of Droidels (R2-D2 dreidels), promise!

These projects all come from the creative readers of the official Star Wars website. There's big projects and small, most are perfect for kids to help out with and some are even edible! Tell us which is your favorite, or share your own in the comments below!

Mistle-TIE Fighter: Forget traditional Mistle-Toe, who needs that when the play on words is too good to pass up.

Death Star Piñata: Piñatas are fun any time of the year, but when they're filled with holiday candy for the small Padawan learners in your group (or the grown up intoxicated ones, either way it's bound to lead to fun!)

Action Figure Wreath: You've seen design blogs turn some of our favorite toys and objects all one color to make a statement, so it's no surprise the idea works just the same with Star Wars action figures. You could even form a wreath based entirely on action figures without any greenery, though it might end up a little pricey.

Recycled Glitter Globe: This snow globe sports a discarded Talz figurine, but it could just as easily be made with any figure that might have been forgotten about.

Droidel, Droidel, Droidel: This droid based toy design is printed out and attached to heavy cardstock or thin cardboard such as the side of a cereal box. Assembly directions are included!

Bake Wookiee Cookies: Help Santa get his sugar and Star Wars fix by making up a plate of Wookie Cookies. Sure, they're just a normal cookie, but these happen to be a little Chewy (bah dum ching).

Star Wars Advent Calendar: This funky craft takes discarded magazines and old holiday cards and combines the two for a day by day advent calendar to make sure each day has a little bit of holiday cheer and The Force.

Tie Fighter Ornament: This DIY hack dates back to 1981 (pre-DIY-cool) and makes good use of a discarded egg carton, which means you could make 6, 9 or 12 of these bad boys with one carton of eggs, depending on size.

Holiday Collage Cards: Collage projects take you straight back to elementary school, but they're still a fun way to occupy yourself during some T.V. time this holiday season. Can you think of a creative phrase or two? Leave them in the comments below (That's no moon. It's a Santa's sleigh!).

Holiday Head Wear: Making a few holiday hats for your figurines sounds like an easy adventure (and it is) though a few tricks and tips to help you hold the small pieces are great words of advice.

(via: Craftzine)
(Images: Star Wars.com)

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