Decorating with Light: 10 Pretty Ways Use String Lights

published Mar 6, 2014
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Many people probably associate strings of lights with the holidays, which makes sense. But a simple string of white lights can be such a great whimsical, playful, modern or simple home decor accessory any time of year. And as a bonus it’s a great source of light — imagine that. I think it’s key to stick to white lights to avoid the whole Christmas vibe (unless it’s a children’s room, then go nuts). There are some great variations and styles of stringed lights out there these days. Here are some examples of how to decorate with them in your home.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

1. Create a calming space with lights over your bed, like in this example from The Design Chaser.
2. Make them part of your living room art, as seen in x4duros.
3. Wrap them around a rustic branch and stick it in a corner for some ambiance, as seen on Annaleenas Hem.
4. Wrap a vintage ladder with some white lights for style all year long, as seen on Alex’s Closet.
5. Hang a vintage inspired string along a wall in your dining space, like Emily Henderson did in this room.

6. Wrap some lights around a large piece of driftwood and use it instead of a headboard as a focal point above your bed, as seen on Dustjacket.
7. Hang a string freestyle beside your bed instead of a table lamp for a modern look, like in this room spotted on Facing North with Gracia.
8. Hang string of vintage-inspired lights with a dark cord in the corner for more contrast, as seen on Gingerbread House.
9. Hang them from the ceiling to create soft, moody lighting in your dining space, like this look from Door Sixteen.
10. Add just a hint of whimsy to your bedroom by wrapping a string of lights around your mirror, as seen in Hus & Hem, via Johanna Vintage.

And if you’re looking for something a little more stylish or different from the traditional strings of lights you get at Christmas, try some of these options. Take into consideration the color of the cord in your decor decision.

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)