10 Ways To Invite Summer Into Your Home

published Jun 29, 2016
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Summer’s (finally!) here, and everyone’s scrambling to get outside—but there are plenty of ways to embrace the season indoors, too. Bring in color, add a playful print, open the shades—and presto, your whole home suddenly feels a lot like summer.

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Punch Up the Color: Accents like throw pillows, tinted glass vases, and area rugs can liven up a room with white walls and neutral furniture. These accessories are also the easiest and cheapest to switch out seasonally.

(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

Add Some Life: Inexpensive flowers, even a small bouquet from the local bodega, instantly make a room feel fresh. Houseplants also work the same magic, but they come with more commitment.

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Put Your Travel Finds On Display: Style your bookshelves with souvenirs and trinkets collected during summer travels, like glass bottles, bits of washed-up coral, or small figurines.

(Image credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion)

Simplify Your Bedding Situation: Switch to lighter, more breathable cotton or linen sheets (find our Annual Guide here) if you have them. You can also stash away those blankets you typically leave out on the end of your bed—and if you’re a pillow hoarder like me, reduce the pillow pile from 15 to five.

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Style Your Bar Cart for the Season: Stock up on citrus, striped paper straws, colorful cocktail napkins, and those kitschy little drink umbrellas that transport you to a tropical island.

(Image credit: Kate Bowie Carruth )

Put Seasonal Accessories Front and Center: Hang beach totes, sun hats, and other essentials where you can see them, like on hooks in the entryway. This will make it easier to grab them when you head off on a spontaneous beach excursion, and it also sets a summery tone.

(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

Let the Light In: If you happen to have a set of sheer curtains, hang them in place of your heavy winter ones. Sheer curtains are so inexpensive (you can even find decent ones that cost less than 10 bucks per panel); they’re worth purchasing for windows that don’t require much privacy.

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Opt for Sturdy Natural Fiber Rugs: Woven jute or sisal rugs stand up to dirt and damp, sandy feet better than wool ones. They also evoke a casual beach vibe that works even if you live in a landlocked city.

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Play Up Prints: Work those palm patterns, nautical stripes, and watermelon motifs like summer’s going out of style.

(Image credit: Natalie Jeffcott)

Just Have Fun With It: Summer is the time to play, so go ahead and make some quirky design decisions. Pull out those donut-shaped ottomans (inspiration, above), neon signs, and flamingo string lights.