5 Ways to Keep Worn (But Not Dirty) Clothes Organized

5 Ways to Keep Worn (But Not Dirty) Clothes Organized

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 7, 2011

030711-door.jpg One of the largest culprits of bedroom clutter is clothes. Most of us are good about getting dirty clothes in a hamper and clean clothes put away but the offenders are those already-worn-but-not-quite-dirty clothes we leave hanging over chairs, doors or in piles at the foot of the bed. Here's a few ways to keep them tidy and ready to wear again:

1 Door Hooks: This is our first suggestion as they're small and don't take up any additional square footage on your floor. Usually this style of hook has between 5-10 pegs, which should be enough space for you to hang a few days worth of clothes to rotate through.


2 Coat Rack: I'm always looking for a good excuse to add another coat rack to my home and this is a great one! They're stylish, functional and best of all, won't look out of place. They'll be perfect for large or heavy items such as robes or hoodies that made their way past the coat closet as well.


3 Chairs: Although they can be a slippery slope, chairs can often work out nicely if you can keep a handle on things. By hanging a pair of jeans or a shirt or two over the back you aren't bringing in any additional accessories to your room, just make sure to rotate back into those clothes quickly before they consume your furniture!


4 Divide Your Closet: The biggest problem about putting already worn clothes back in your closet is not wanting them to mingle with the freshest of the fresh. Try setting aside a separate area (even if it's just a few inches that previous worn items retreat back to. If you're worried about smell you could always give them a quick spritz with white vinegar, Febreeze or make some hanging scented bags for that area. (if you are worried about smell, they are probably dirty!)


5 Install Pegboard: There isn't an organizational challenge that pegboard can't handle. Try installing a cut-to-fit piece on the inside of your closet. Tucked out of the way at one end it can hold whatever items you might want to wear again that week. Scarves, jeans, skirts, shirts and bras, adjust the pegs to hold exactly what you need. It can also double as permanent accessory storage for things like belts and jewelry.

How do you deal with staying on top of not quite dirty clothes? Have a method that works best for you? Share in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member redeye^, Eric M Martin, _tar0_, ercwttmn and Rubbermaid Products all licensed for use by Creative Commons

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