10 DIY Art Projects That Really Get Your Message Across

published Oct 21, 2016
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(Image credit: Poppytalk)

Lightboxes allow you to add a soft glow to your home whilst communicating whatever’s on your mind, be it your all-time favorite tweet, a declaration of love, your current prediction for Gilmore Girls‘ final four words, or a gentle reminder that rent is due.

(Image credit: Poppytalk Handmade)

DIY Lightbox Headboard by Poppytalk Handmade

Every bedroom needs this one—it provides a lovely glow, and allows you to share sweet, dirty, and/or practical messages. Also lead image above.

(Image credit: DIY Detaljer)

This Swedish project makes use of user-friendly string lights—and if you use battery-powered ones, you won’t have to worry about outlet access. The one thing I would change would be to use easily changeable adhesive plastic letters, as opposed to printing letters then tracing and handcutting them.

(Image credit: I Spy DIY)

Don’t want to deal with electricity in any form? This project yields a clean, classic lightbox—and makes me want to label my booze.

(Image credit: A Joyful Riot)

Mini Cinema Lightbox DIY by A Joyful Riot

I would love to have encouraging words beaming at me from a cheerful tiny lightbox in my closet!

(Image credit: Aww, Sam)

This project would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, but why wait four months to spread the love?!?

(Image credit: Lana Red Studio)

DIY Lightbox by Lana Red Studio

Speaking of holidays, this project is touted as a holiday lightbox, but I think its single-file elegance would work well all year long.

(Image credit: A Joyful Riot)

Lightbox Cake Topper DIY by A Joyful Riot

Lightboxes are made for cakes, allowing you to eloquently express your enthusiasm and your cake’s raison d’être.

(Image credit: Misses Mac)

DIY Lightbox Letters by Misses Mac

Whether you’ve bought or made a lightbox, you’re going to need lots of letters. Never again will you be limited by the number of crucial consonants!

(Image credit: Handmade Mood)

DIY Light Box by Handmade Mood

Conversely, you can forgo words all together and use your lightbox to present images. Print your favorites on overhead projector sheets and let their beauty shine.

(Image credit: Ann Le on YouTube)

DIY LED Lightbox Hack by Ann Le on YouTube

Here’s a hardcore, thorough tutorial to get you started! Bonus: it involves hacking an IKEA product, which I know we all enjoy.