10 Ways to Reuse Chopsticks

10 Ways to Reuse Chopsticks

Getting Chinese takeout is a guilty pleasure, but all the unused disposable chopsticks just make us feel, guilty. We have our own set of reusable chopsticks, but can't get it together to tell restaurants to not include them in our carry out bag. If you're like us, read on This Old House's 10 clever ideas on what to do with the wooden utensils.

Here are some of our favorite ideas from the This Old House list:

Skewer Food: "Don't have enough bamboo skewers at your barbecue? Soak chopsticks in water for 15 minutes, then use them to spear meat and veggies, and place on the grill."

Prop Up Plants: "Poke a chopstick into the soil near a spindly seedling to give it some needed support."

Fill a Stripped Screw Hole: "Dip a chopstick into a little glue and insert into the screw hole. Let dry, then break off the rest of the stick to create a new spot for driving in the screw."

Stir Paint: "Hold chopsticks as you would when eating to 'whisk up' paint or stain before applying it."

Label Your Plants: "Create markers by stapling a plant's seed packet to a chopstick and placing it inside the pot or bed."

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(Image: Wendell T. Webber/This Old House)

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