7 Ways to Tell If This Is Your Pet's Home (And They’re Just Letting You Live In It)

7 Ways to Tell If This Is Your Pet's Home (And They’re Just Letting You Live In It)

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 27, 2015

Every morning, I delay making my bed by a good few hours because my cat moves from my head (where he prefers sleeping) to curling up in the direct middle of my bed after I get up — and I don’t have the heart to move him. I like to think since I pay the rent that this apartment is MY home, but sometimes, it feels like this is more like my cat's home, and he's just letting me live in it! Read on for a few signs you might be in the same boat.

(And of course —this post attempts at humor, and shouldn't be taken too seriously, whether or not your pets rule your roost!)

1. Their bed is nicer than yours — and they still choose to sleep in yours anyway

You've invested in the softest, fluffiest, plumpest dog bed or cat perch to give your pet a place of their own in the living room or perhaps at the foot of your bed, but they still find a spot snuggled up next to you at night instead? Typical (and adorable).

2. Guests are always a little surprised that your pets are allowed on your mid-century modern furniture

Are your pets allowed anywhere they darn well please? Whether a family heirloom or a valuable vintage mid-century modern find, you don't mind sharing your entire home with your pet (mainly because you know you don't really have a way of keeping them off the furniture anyway).

3. You arrange accessories and furniture to provide them with the optimal sunny perches

Not only do you NOT try to set rules to keep pets off the furniture, you tend to arrange certain favorite pieces in such a way that they really get optimal sun, proving to be the perfect perches for your pooch or kitty.

4. Your schedule revolves around them

If your cat is your alarm clock thanks to them wanting their breakfast early in the morning, or if you've ever rushed home from work to let Fido out, your day just might be revolving around their schedule rather than your own.

5. There are more leashes and pet accessories in your entryway than your own stuff

Well there's the winter weather leash and the summer weather leash and the leash you use for special occasions and their booties when it's rainy and their raincoat and...

6. You've ever spent more time DIYing something for your pet than you have for yourself

From make-your-own cat scratchers to hidden dog crates to finding a way to hide that litter box, if you've ever spent more time using power tools for a pet project than your own DIY home improvements, this might be their home.

7. You have plants you've purchased specifically for indoor pets to safely munch on

We all know that there are plants you should avoid bringing into your home because they're not good for animals to consume, but have you ever intentionally sought out plants that are good for them to eat so they have their own living salad buffet?

What has tipped you off that you might be living in your pets' home?

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