10 Ways To Use Concrete In Your Home

10 Ways To Use Concrete In Your Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 21, 2011

In the past, the use of concrete was reserved for basements and old warehouses — but not any more. It can bring a bit of texture and ruggedness to a space, or likewise feel warm and comfortable. Check out a few ways to make the look work in your own home, no matter if you live in a loft or an old farmhouse.

1. Countertops: This tutorial from long time reader Splatgirl is still at the top of the list for making concrete countertops a reality. Her work is easy to understand and puts things in perspective for those who have never attempted, or even thought about, tackling something like this on their own.

2. In Accents: Concrete isn't terribly tricky to cast and this quick tutorial is a good one when it comes to making something simple from the substance like a wall hook. You can purchase mold making supplies at your local craft stores in a kit to make your own hardware or concrete accessories.

3. Wall Treatment: If you're wanting to give your walls a more rugged and industrial look, check out this tutorial to see how to make it happen. It would be perfect in a home gym or even a kitchen backsplash for an extra funky look!

4. Paint It: Many homes have unfinished basement floors and although they can seem a little blah, a bit of paint can warm them right up. This is an easy tutorial to teach you how. What once was grey and cold is now light and bright!

5. Sinks: Cold concrete and cool water seem to go hand in hand as we've seen more sinks appearing on the market that make this pairing happen. Here are a few favorites; though you could use the same tutorial for countertops mentioned above to make your own (with the right form).

6. Privacy Screens: Even if you're not a fan of mid century styling, there's no denying the beauty in a repeated pattern. In many cases concrete blocks give us this look and more companies are starting to bring back the classics. Here's a bit of inspiration for your own home!

7. Fireplaces: A concrete fireplace can take on almost any feel. They can be vintage or modern alike, but no matter what your tastes, there's sure to be one for you. They create a blank slate and leave your fireplace feeling uncluttered and calming.

8. Furniture: We promise they're more comfortable than you think! Here's a few designs from Eric Billig and Holmes Wilson.

9. DIY Outdoor Furniture: Ever wanted to have a permanent place to play checkers outside in the morning sun? These chairs and table sets are handmade and easy enough to make at home!

10. Fake It: Even if you don't have concrete floors or care to mess with the sloppy mess that can be associated with projects of this sort, this is a simple way to get the look without all the hassle. Make sure to check out this paint technique that would work on sub floors for a temporary fit or even something more permanent.

Image: 1. Splatgirl, 2. Instructables, 3. Kara Paslay, 4. Leah Moss, 5. TrueForm Concrete, 6. Swanky Little Pad, 7. Jetset Modern, 8. Eric Billig, 9. Sarah Rae Trover, 10. Hindsvik

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