100+ DIY Project Ideas & Activities for Memorial Day Weekend

published May 22, 2015
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It’s a 3-day weekend, which means there’s both time to relax and get some stuff done around your home. Whether you’d like to do something artsy-craftsy, or knock off some household chores from your to-do list, here are tons of DIY projects, activities and decorating ideas to choose from. Dig deep and have a great holiday!

  1. Make Some Household Basics: How To Make Soap
  2. Amp Up Your Appliances: How To Paint a KitchenAid Mixer a New Color
  3. Cover What’s Ugly: 9 Ideas for Enhancing Your Builder-Grade Lights
  4. Stow Your Wheels: How to Build a Vertical Bike Rack Using Spare Parts
  5. Repurpose a Pot: How To Make a Pendant Light from an Old Lid
  6. Create Some Stylish Storage: A Dozen DIY Projects Featuring Wood Dowels
  7. Get a Good Night’s Rest: Not Sleeping? 3 Things You Haven’t Tried Yet
  8. Make Over A Play Favorite: 10 Ways to “Remodel” IKEA’s DUKTIG Kitchen
  9. Make Some Art for Spring: How To Make a Handmade Bird Mobile
  10. Show Your Books Some Love: Beautiful Bookcases You Can Make Yourself
  11. Change Up a Wall: How To Hang Fabric as Wallpaper
  12. Organize Your Entryway: How to Make a Small Wall Organizer
  13. Frame Some Art: How to Build a Custom DIY Floating Frame
  14. Lose the Wires: How To Make Any Lamp Cordless
  15. Swap Out Your Seats: How To Reupholster A Chair Pad
  16. Grow Something Green: How To Make a Terrarium
  17. Hack a Rug: How To Make an Easy Wall Tapestry
  18. Make Some New Hardware: How To Make DIY Drawer Pulls from Anything
  19. Add Some Oomph: How To Recover an Old Lampshade
  20. Tackle a Chilly Job: How To Clean & Organize a Refrigerator
  21. Boost Your Doorway: How to Customize a Plain Welcome Mat
  22. Customize Your Kitchen: How To Paint Laminate Countertops
  23. Make Something Rad: Retro Headphone Bookends
  24. Hang Some Art in 10 Minutes: How To Make a Magnetic DIY Frame
  25. Get Organized: 30 Ways Magnets Can Help You Around the House
  26. Elevate Your Space: 8 Colorful DIY Projects to Try
  27. Remove Some Pesky Paint: How To Strip Paint From Hardware
  28. Sew Up Some Storage: Easy 30-Minute DIY Felt Bin
  29. Add Some Color: Upcycle a Glass Bottle With Ombre
  30. “Build” Some Furniture: Create a Queen-Size Headboard for $45
  31. Help Yourself Remember: Make This 15-Minute DIY Floating Steel Notice Bar
  32. Make a Home for Jackets: How To Make A Coat Tree from Conduit Pipe
  33. Plant Some Succulents: DIY Modular Concrete Planters
  34. Create Something Really Cute: How To Make a Mini Bullet Planter
  35. Make Your Pet Happy: 7 Cats & the DIY Projects Humans Made For Them
  36. Light Things Up: How To Make Candles Using a Microwave
  37. Learn to Cut Your Own Mats: How To Cut a Mat for Framing Artwork
  38. Go Color Crazy: How To Dye Textiles In A Front Loading Washing Machine
  39. Trick Out Your Two Wheels: How To Make a DIY Bike Basket
  40. Make a Table: 10 Ultra Easy DIY Table Project Tutorials Anyone Can Tackle
  41. Dye Some Design: 14 DIY Colorful Textile Home Decor Items to Make
  42. Embellish Your Wall: Stunning DIY Wall Treatments That Look Really Rich
  43. De-Bug Your Lighting: How To Clean Ceiling Light Fixtures
  44. Explore Block Printing: Block Printed Textiles Inspiration & DIY Tips
  45. Paint a Headboard: Quite Possibly The Easiest DIY Decorating Idea Ever
  46. Make Your Home Smell Nice: How To Make a Room Diffuser
  47. Hang Up Something New: How To Make a Pajaki Chandelier
  48. Spruce Up Your Sofa: How To Clean Velvet Upholstery
  49. Go Faux: How To Make a Painted Marble Table Top
  50. Perk Up Your Table: How To Tie Dye Napkins with Permanent Markers
  51. Give Fido Some Furniture: How To Make a Mid-Century Style Dog Bed
  52. Scrub Soot: How To Clean a Fireplace
  53. House Your Pretty Things: How to Make Lace Doily Bowls
  54. Give a Bouquet to Someone: How To Make Paper Spray Roses
  55. Camp Out in Your Living Room: How to Build an Indoor Fort
  56. Fiddle with Fabric: How To Make Cyanotype Textiles
  57. Clean the Things That Clean: How To Clean Your Dishwasher
  58. Shut Out the World in Style: How to Make No Sew Roman Shades
  59. Tackle Your Dirty Shower: How To Green Clean the Grout In Your Bathroom
  60. Indulge in Some Child’s Play: How To Make a Toy Grill for $20
  61. Banish Bacteria: How To Clean Makeup Brushes
  62. Style Some Shelves: 5 Simple Items to Use in Any Space
  63. See Things Clearly: How To Clean Your Windows Like a Pro
  64. Get Label Happy: Free Printables to Organize Your Home in Style
  65. Create an Urban Garden: Budget Friendly: DIY Cinderblock Planters
  66. Line Some Drawers: 3 Uses for Decorative Paper
  67. Wrangle Those Toys: Build a Letter Block Toy Box
  68. Save Money: 6 Tips for Planning a Spending-Free Weekend
  69. Fill ALL the Spaces: Beautiful Ways to Un-Boring a Big, Blank Wall
  70. Gaze At Your Own Reflection: 7 Modern Mirrors to Make
  71. Have Fun with Felt: 10 Things You Can Make From the Little Felt Ball
  72. Make Your Tables Gleam: How To Polish Wood Furniture
  73. Find a Focal Point: Design Details — Don’t Forget a Focal Point
  74. Go Au Naturel: 4 Easy Tricks for a Less Styled-Looking Home
  75. Update Your Dining: 7 Ways to Refresh the Look of an Existing Dining Table
  76. Play With Pattern: 6 Ways to Harness the Power
  77. Do a Quick Fix: 8 Everyday Items That Could Use a Mini Makeover
  78. Organize Your Memories: What To Do With Those Hundreds of Travel Photos
  79. Take a Break from Tech: An “I Forgot My Phone” Timeline
  80. Try Something Different: 11 Ways to Shake Up Your Living Room Look
  81. Start Listening: 5 Best Podcasts By (and For!) Creative People
  82. Update the Old: How to Modernize Your Favorite Vintage & Antique Finds
  83. Breathe Deeply and Cleanly: 5 Ways to Purify Home Air Naturally
  84. Fancify Your Furniture: 8 Ways to Make a Cheap Finds Look More Expensive
  85. Perks Things Up: Inexpensive Pick-Me-Ups for Every Room in Your Home
  86. Take Your Space to the Next Level: How To Layer for Added Comfort & Style
  87. Spend 60 Minutes: 10 Things to Do to Your Home That Only Take an Hour
  88. Binge Watch: HGTV Design & Real Estate Shows Now Streaming
  89. Put Yourself Out There: The Introvert’s Guide to Entertaining
  90. Play Games: 5 Fun & Free Party Games that You Can Play Anywhere, Anytime
  91. Preserve Some Pansies: Flower Pounding
  92. Get Gardening: Tips and Tricks for Kickstarting the Growing Season
  93. Amplify Your Art: DIY Ways to Make Your Artwork Look More Impressive
  94. Create Compost: How to Hack a Compost Bin from a Vintage Ice Bucket
  95. Disguise Something Ugly: How to Cover Up An AC Wall Unit
  96. Hack The Humble: Polished Projects to Make from Hollow Core Doors
  97. Go Beyond Budget Basic: Cheap Makeover Ideas for Basic Vinyl Roller Shades
  98. Rearrange a Room: 5 Reasons to Float The Furniture in Your Living Room
  99. Revisit the Bathroom: Ways to Customize Your Bathroom with Contact Paper
  100. Go Back To Bed: 13 Ways to Rethink the Foot of Your Bed