Fall is Almost Here: 101 Things To Do on a Last Long Summer Weekend

updated Mar 11, 2020
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As much as I hate to acknowledge that the end of summer is allegedly right around the corner, I am looking forward to a luxuriously long Labor Day weekend full of grilled corn, cornhole, and seeing how many garden vegetables I can incorporate into cocktails. Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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  1. Go swimming sans chlorine: Vacation Exploration: Natural Swimming Holes
  2. Well, maybe a little chlorine is okay: Great Escapes: The Best Public Pools and Swimming Holes
  3. Host a movie night: Summer Blockbuster: Building A Backyard Movie Theatre
  4. Or do one better: Pool Party Movie Night, Oh Happy Day
  5. Or just make everyday TV awesome: How To Take the Home Entertainment Experience Out to the Backyard
  6. Make the most of the sun (while it lasts): How To Make Sun Prints
  7. Save the savory: 4 Ways to Preserve Fresh Rosemary: Herb Gardening 101
  8. Stack ’em high: Build Your Own Giant Jenga Set
  9. Take s’mores to the next level: Recipe: Campfire Banana Boat S’mores
  10. Or s’more it up without a campfire: Recipe: S’mores Ice Cream Cake
  11. Rough it (but not too much): The Importance of Backyard Camping
  12. Display your sandy souvenirs: Summer Collecting: Bring a Little Sand In
  13. Make the best-smelling playdough: How To Make Playdough with Kool-Aid
  14. Celebrate corn season: Recipe: Sweet Corn Ice Cream
  15. Say farewell to summer in style: Make One of These Sweet Skirts for Summer
  16. Make pizza without heating up the house: How To Make the Best Grilled Pizza
  17. Hit the road: On the Move: The Year’s Best Advice for Road Trips & Travel
  18. Save your trip memories: What To Do With Those Hundreds of Travel Photos
  19. And display your travel treasures: Summer Collection Box, Martha Stewart
  20. Drink your watermelons: Perfect Pitcher Drink Recipe for Summer: Sparkling Watermelon Sangria
  21. Put some heat on those avos: Smoky Summer Recipe: Grilled Guacamole
  22. Inspire future entrepreneurs: Cardboard Lemonade Stand DIY, Oh Happy Day
  23. Soak under the stars: How To Assemble a Cedar Hot Tub & Chofu Wood Stove
  24. Bring pots inside for the season: How To Make Terra Cotta Pot Pendant Lamps
  25. And take advantage of end-of-summer sales: How To Make a Flower Pot Table
  26. Create mood lighting: DIY Camp Mug Candle, Poppytalk
  27. Save flavor for the long winter ahead: DIY Drying and Storing Summer Herbs
  28. Make low-key icecream: How To Make No-Cook, No-Churn, 2-Ingredient Ice Cream
  29. Wear your souvenir shells: DIY Shell Bracelet or Earrings, Honestly…WFT
  30. Or use them around the house: Green Style: Sea Shells for Organization
  31. Or make them into a wreath: Clamshell Wreath, Martha Stewart
  32. Or even candles!: DIY Seashell Candles, Design Sponge
  33. Host an end-of-summer gathering: A Summer Bonfire Feast
  34. And a beginning-of-school fête: Back To School Party, Design Sponge
  35. Complete with a cute craft activity: Duct Tape Crafts for Back to School!
  36. Oh, right- school’s starting:What To Do Now to Get Ready for Back-to-School
  37. Harvest squash now for autumn jewelry: DIY Gourd Bracelet, Poppytalk
  38. And save that Southwestern summer heat: Before & After: Plastic Cactus to One-of-a-Kind Side Table
  39. Stock the bar: It’s Not Fall Yet: Cocktail Supplies for One Last Summertime Party
  40. Don’t fracture your foot like I did: Make A Giant Slip ‘N Slide For Serious Summer Fun
  41. And try not to throw up: Make a Recycled Tire Swing for Your Tots
  42. Make the most of late-summer “weeds”: How to Make a Simple, Fruity Dandelion Wine for Summer
  43. Or eradicate them once and for all: How To Get Rid of Dandelion Weeds
  44. Keep bugs at bay: DIY Natural Citronella Candle, Poppytalk
  45. Save basil’s brightness: The Best Ways to Preserve Basil: Herb Gardening 101
  46. Brace yourself for winter: How To Create Your Own Lush, Winter Blues Beating, 70s Style Indoor Jungle
  47. Enjoy popsicle weather while it lasts: A Summer Popsicle Picnic, Design Sponge
  48. And upcycle the leftover sticks: DIY Popsicle Stick Chandelier, Design Sponge
  49. And don’t be afraid to ask: Will It Popsicle?, Good Mythical Morning (video)
  50. Get started on a cozy blanket: How To: Crochet a Granny Square Blanket
  51. Or a warm scarf: DIY No-Sew Stamped Scarf, Design Sponge
  52. Start stocking up on firewood: Tips for Cleaner, Better Burning Firewood
  53. And make it look pretty: Inspiration: Stacks of Firewood and Organized Firewood
  54. Make the most of your vacation ephemera: Travel Collage, Martha Stewart
  55. Make the ultimate summer veggie dogs: Summer Squash: The New Hot Dog
  56. Host a strictly-outdoors activity while you can: Why Not Stage A Food Fight
  57. Honor campers’ accomplishments: DIY Downloadable Scout Badges, Poppytalk
  58. Or the sights they saw: DIY Landmark Photo Patches, Design Sponge
  59. Freeze summer’s beauty: One Minute Tip: Edible Flower Ice Cubes
  60. Or candy it!: How To Make Candied Flowers
  61. Commemorate your travels: Map Scrapbooks, Martha Stewart
  62. Or keep them right at hand: DIY Travel Photo Keychains, Design Sponge
  63. Make friendship bracelets with secret messages: DIY Morse Code Bracelets, Honestly…WTF
  64. Prepare for dark days ahead with candles: How To Make Rolled Beeswax Candles
  65. And citrus: Indoor Meyer Lemon Trees for Winter
  66. Drink rosé and eat many tiny foods: A Spanish Tapas Party, Oh Happy Day
  67. Start planning moon festival festivities: Mooncakes & Dumplings: The Mid-Autumn Festival
  68. Or a chili-n-cocktails party: Andie’s Autumn Party: Chili & Cocktails
  69. Or an apple season party: Apple-Inspired 5th Birthday Party
  70. Complete with apple tablecloth!: DIY Apple Stamp Table Runner, Design Sponge
  71. Have the kids help cook: How to Make a Toy Grill for $20
  72. Remove a summer’s worth of buildup: How To Clean a Gas Grill
  73. And protect your grill once it’s nice and clean: How To Make a DIY Grill Cover
  74. And promote your grill tray: How To Create a Jewelry Stand Out of a Grill Tray
  75. Fill your freezer with zucchini cubes: How To: Freeze Zucchini
  76. Or better yet, bread: How To Make (Double Chocolate) Zucchini Bread
  77. And put my your pile of garden cucumbers to use: Summer Cocktail: The Cuke
  78. Celebrate surf all year long: DIY Disco Surfboard, Honestly…WTF
  79. Decorate your door with succulents: How To Make a Succulent Wreath
  80. Or a bumper crop of peppers: Chile-Pepper Wreath, Martha Stewart
  81. Hit the late-summer garage sales: Found It? Buy It: ALWAYS Snap Up These 8 No-Regret Items At Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Thrift Stores
  82. But don’t hit them too hard: Don’t Buy These Things At A Garage Sale
  83. Clean while you have the chance: Take It Outside: 8 Cleaning Projects That Are So Much Easier Outdoors
  84. Grill it and drink it: Grilled Pineapple Mojitos
  85. Update a camp classic: DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet, Embellished Friendship Bracelet, or Woven Charm Bracelet, Honestly…WTF
  86. Take to the trees: How To Build a Treehouse
  87. Make a beach bag you’ll use year-round: DIY Rope Bag, Honestly…WTF
  88. And take it to your beachy party: A Tropical Beach Picnic!, Oh Happy Day
  89. Bottle the magic of summer: One Minute Tip: The Firefly Jar
  90. Make a beautiful bags set: Cornhole Game, Martha Stewart
  91. And go gnome bowling: Liven Up Your Lawn: 10 DIY Games to Make + Play Outside
  92. Wear out your Fitbit: Take A Walk: U.S. Hiking Trails
  93. Haul furniture inside: 15 Great Outdoor Pieces That Will Work Indoors, Too
  94. And yard ornaments, too: 7 Hilarious Ways to Hack Pink Plastic Flamingos
  95. Keep thyme in a bottle: 4 Interesting Ways to Preserve Fresh Thyme
  96. Or keep it growing all winter: How To Preserve and Overwinter Your Outdoor Herbs
  97. Foster creativity this summer and next: Making a Kid’s Summer Art Kit, Oh Joy!
  98. Combine the two best things about summer: Cherry Beer Ice Cream Float
  99. Or wait, these two best things: How To Make Beer Popsicles
  100. Wait- these two best things!: Add Rose to Your Next Batch of Homemade Lemonade
  101. And finaly, relax: Drop Cloth Hammock How-To, Martha Stewart