#11 Justine's 70's homage living room

#11 Justine's 70's homage living room

Oct 12, 2006

Name: Justine
Location: Venice, CA
Type: 2 Bedroom home/owned

Why I use color: Color is a part of the world around us. Even white is a color, as we know when we go to the paint store and are confronted with the myriad of choices of whites in front of us. Color is a way of expressing ones reaction to the world around us, a way of expressing ones connection with it. I have vivid memories of my house growing up in the 70's with it's orange sofas, brown bubble curtains, cork walls and my bedroom wallpaper of yellow and white bunnies. So I respond most to the colors of my childhood -- warm colors, comfort colors. My living room is a gold yellow, my kitchen has a moss green wall, my family room is dominated by an orange one, and my bedroom is chocolate brown and cream.

2 Good color tips:
1. I use white as an accent color to pop against the warm colors throughout. Even if that's just the matting in my art, a piece of pottery, a lampshade.

2. I tie the rooms together by repeating colors -- the ceiling lamp in my living room has orange in it, the couch in my family room has a gold tone similar to the living room walls, there is a touch of red in the family room and bedroom, and the bedding also has orange in it.

2 Good color resources:

1. Art. I love adding art to my home for color and interest. I buy all my art at flea markets or thrift stores, and look at items that are not necessarily considered "art" to frame. I have framed 70's tarot cards, stamps from a package that was mailed from India, vintage woodblock postcards, a cool poster for a box car race I found on a streetlamp in Brooklyn. Anything can become art.

2. A lot of people will say this but it's true. Magazines of course. Anytime I see something I like in a magazine, whether it be fashion or design, I clip it and file it away. So the next time I want to change a room I have a resource to go to for inspiration.

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