#11 - Mike H.'s Visual Interest

#11 - Mike H.'s Visual Interest

Oct 13, 2006

Name: Mike H.
Location: Sacramento
Type: Rented 1 Bedroom Apartment in a 1930's Deco apartment. 660 sq ft.

Why I use color:

Living in a rental I was not allowed to paint so I had show color through my furniture and art. In the living room I used hues of brown because they represent warmth and still show masculinity with a touch of sophistication. I kept art minimal in the living room because of the size of my space and also, because I felt that the browns added enough texture to create visual interest. Being a young bachelor, there is a stereotypical connotation that comes along with décor, so naturally I wanted to dispel that. . .

. . .In the kitchen I went a little nuts. I think of a sterile environment. So the majority of the accents are stainless steel and white. Since the ceilings are very high in my apartment I felt the kitchen looked too stark and I wanted to add visual interest where it wouldn't be very expected. So I arranged a colorful and eclectic mix of art I had on one wall. I found it contrasted the minimal look in the living room well. Still today, when I walk in there it's a nice surprise; it makes my apartment not feel so "rented."

2 good color tips:

1. People often shy away of too much of one color, but by using a variety of textures (in the same color) it creates enough visual interest, that is almost the same as using different colors.

2. Whether it is art, furniture, or paint, use colors that you have an emotional bond with and translate well. Seriously. You're going to be living with them. You want your space to be inviting and comfortable to you.

2 good color resources:

1. I have found a few good interior design and art companies/ resources online. A nice modern design firm in San Francisco called Arkitektura In-Situ; they offer a very clean and sophisticated look, with some unexpected color use. Even CB2, no lie, I found that they offer an innovated use of color that is young and fresh, but still manages to keep it sophisticated.

2. With fear of sounding corny, I would have to say nature. The color palette that it offers can be very inspiring. It is as broad as any paint swatch selection. Who doesn't want to be as moved in their own home, with the colors they have selected, as they are while looking at a dramatic sunset, for instance. The idea is just not "use of color," but how it translates in our lives with and how we interact with it, essentially what how color can be used as therapy.

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