13 Geeky Great DIY Halloween Costumes

13 Geeky Great DIY Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year when minds start thinking about what to wear on Halloween. Being the DIY lovers that we are, it is no surprise that all of our favourite costumes are handmade. To help jumpstart your search for the perfect geeky costume for yourself or your child we've gathered up these DIY hits from our archives and beyond.

13 Geeky Costume Ideas:

  • Mega Man Costume Through the clever use of some LEDs, Instructables user Craineum was able to built this inexpensive but impressive costume for their son.
  • Classic iPod Ad Remember those Apple ads with the dancing folks? Bring back the memory of those ads with this costume, all you need is black clothes, bright-colored poster board and a classic iPod.
  • Facebook Profile Update this Halloween person as website classic with the new Timeline.
  • Baby Yoda Our geek hearts could not resist posting this baby Yoda costume by Instructables user The Papier Boy. Sure there are store bought versions of the Yoda costume for tots, but none are as good as this one.
  • LEGO Man For the LEGO Man one can go the easy route of just using yellow poster board to make the head or one can follow Instructables user GB_Costumes instructions and make a much more impressive one.
  • Super Mario Yoshi Rider Costume One of the most expensive DIY costumes we've ever seen, Instructables user The streek estimates the cost to make this impressive costume at $450.
  • Texting While Driving/ Walking Victim To make this tasteless costume, you'll need fake blood, work clothes, old cell phone, garbage bag and a steering wheel/ bike parts.
  • Data Pirate We love this suggestion from reader RebeccaCT: Generic pirate costume with flash drives hanging off my hoop earrings, necklace and anywhere else handy, a usb cable looped on my belt (like a whip), and a broken pair of mirror shades making a cyberpunk style eyepatch. And a button reading, "What goes, "Pieces of seven. Pieces of seven?" A Parroty Error."
  • The Extra Life For this ultra simple classic Mario costume, you'll need a white t-shirt, Sharpie marker, an old hat, cardboard, fabric and pillow stuffing.

What's the neatest geekiest DIY costume you've seen or made?

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