12 Things To Do In The Last 24 Hours Of Summer

12 Things To Do In The Last 24 Hours Of Summer

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 22, 2010

Although most of us can't wait for Fall to finally be here, giving us seasonal rights to start decorating for the holidays and mixing up some hot chocolate while dipping caramel apples, there are still 24 hours of Summer left. Make the most of the season and cram as much Summer fun into the next day as you possibly can!

1. Side Walk Chalk: Any time is a great time for sidewalk chalk, but summer is always best. The warm concrete under you, the sun above, it's a perfect combination. Try taking some to your local park and leave the bucket when you're done so others can have a little fun as well.

2. Spray Something With The Hose: No summer is complete without soaking something... anything... preferably your little brother, but even Mom's flower beds will do!

3. Go On A Penny Walk: The idea is simple. Walk until you come to a corner. Flip a penny. Heads you turn left, tails you go right. If one of the above isn't an option, you simply go straight instead.

4. Make Mud Pies: With some late Summer and early Fall rains, there isn't much of a shortage of mud. Try making mud pies, dinosaur eggs or even let your kids create a self portrait, all with mud! It should dry out in 24-48 hours.

5. Visit A Body Of Water: You don't have to live near the ocean to have fun, try taking your little ones to a nearby lake for some impromptu fishing or rock skipping contests. Make sure to bring snacks, we're big on gummy worms for that true faux fishing feel.

6. Take Pictures: Let your kids loose with your camera (and supervision) and see what photos they come up with. Tell them to take pictures of things they liked this summer and then look back on them next year and see if they are "so over" any of the things they loved the year prior.

7. Play Hide And Go Seek Until Dinner: Round up the neighborhood kids, there can be a quick game of hide and go seek in their future. Play until dinner, or even dark, just make sure there's enough time for homework in there!

8. Eat Drippy Popsicles: Take everyone out for a treat and find a local ice cream shop or place that serves popsicles and enjoy eating them outside before they drip down your hand. Bring some wet wipes just in case!

9. Go For A Hike: Toss the kids in the car and strap on their tennis shoes, going for a hike at this time of year can be educational and a great way to get them tired before bed. If only school didn't start so early!

10. Play Frisbee: There's something ridiculous about the act of playing frisbee. Sure it's taken seriously by some people, but for most, it's a bit of running, a bit of luck and a whole lot of saying, "My bad!"

11. Catch A Movie: Since there's no school to compete with, Summer seems to be the season for movie watching. Pick the kids up for school and go see one last flick before all the Holiday shows start dropping.

12. Dance Party: Crank the tunes and have a dance party. Though it's not a "restricted to summer activity" there's something liberating about loud music, bright sun and feeling slightly irresponsible!

Do you have one to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member Krikit licensed for use by Creative Commons

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