12 Tips to Save Money By Cutting Waste

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Living small means being not only creative with your home, but also resource efficient. That means using every last drop and squeezing every last bit out of all your lotions, detergents, toothpastes and even cookies! Don’t let packaging get the best of you; instead save money and reduce your waste by following these great tips from Consumer Reports:

Bar Soap: “Use sudsy water to ‘glue’ the last sliver to a new bar.”

Condiments: “Remove the mayonnaise coating the sides and contoured bottom of the jar with a pliable, long-handled rubber spatula. For tangy condiments like ketchup, mustard, and barbecue sauce, add a few drops of cider vinegar and swish it around. Also, store the bottles upside down for easier extraction. Many now come with large flat lids.”

Cookies: “Put broken cookies in a food processor and grind into crumbs. Then keep them in a plastic bag in your freezer. When you have enough, use them to make a crust for cream pie or cheesecake.”

Laundry Detergent: “When the bottle seems empty, use water as the machine fills to swish out the remaining liquid detergent and pour it in with the load.”

Pump-top Hand Lotion: “Unscrew the pump top and pour what you can into another (nonpump) bottle. Recap the original bottle and soak it in a basin of very hot—but not boiling—water for a few minutes. When the lotion thins a little, shake and then pour it into the new nonpump bottle. Store the bottle upside down until you use up all the lotion.”

Toothpaste: “Put a binder clip at the end of the tube to dispense the toothpaste more efficiently. When you can’t squeeze any more out, run the smooth, hard side of your toothbrush handle over the flattened tube.”

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What are your best no-waste tips?


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