#14 - Brie and Dave's Saturated Sanctuary

#14 - Brie and Dave's Saturated Sanctuary

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 11, 2007

Name: Brie and Dave
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Type: 1100 sqft. 2 bedroom concrete block home built in the 70's. Owned: 3ish years (for Brie, the new wife, 1 year)

Why I use color:

I'm the kind of person that has every color of the rainbow in her wardrobe. There isn't a single color I wouldn't be willing to at least try and trust that I can make it work if I tell myself so...

Green has been my favorite color for years now and I have always dreamed of a having a "green room" in which I imagined a variegation of green hues all somehow complementing one another in paint, upholstery, artwork and accessories.

When I moved into my husband's home 1 year ago, we had the whole house painted with the main living areas in 2 hues of green. Loved it and still love it today. However, dreams of an all green room quickly disappeared and were replaced with a more true-to-life balance of multiple colors that complement the wall colors without screaming "this is a green-themed room". Because I'm not a professional (rather the quintessential weekend hobbyist), I can't speak for the overall "accuracy" of my design concept, but I know what I like, and I like what I see. Thanks to the warmth color provides, our place genuinely feels like home, OUR home. Wish the pictures better conveyed that "ahhhhh" feeling.

((( I HAVE to say, even though I'm probably past my word count allotment: If I had the money, I would be purchasing all new furniture. Just a little disclaimer to say that I am not fond of the traditional stuff we have in our place, but it's what was there when I moved in. Hopefully the readers/voters will take sympathy on a humble teacher's plight and look past the overstuffed, rolled arms of my couches. )))

2 Good color tips:

Color Tip #1:

Be brave. Trust your instinct. But only if your instinct is to be brave. Hmm, what I mean is, don't let others impose their ideas of "good color" on you. Let your gut be your guide; if you truly think avocado, citrus orange and fuschia can work in some capacity that will make YOU happy in YOUR space, then do it.

Color Tip #2:

By the same token, if you feel like you AREN'T brave enough for color, but you want to be, then DO let others impose their ideas of "good color" on you. And by THAT I mean, research, observe and absorb the colors around you in your day to day life: Billboards, posters, menus, cereal boxes, etc. Take note of the colors you surround yourself with in your daily routine and specifically look for colors and color-combos that jump out and grab you. Once this becomes a habit, you will have established a pattern that you can easily trace to discover the colors that make YOUR heart soar. (so cheesy, but SO true.) And of course check out design magazines, but only after you've begun to "own" color in the day-to-day stuff, that way you'll be able to quickly assert what you do and don't like.

Favorite type and brand of paint:

Sherwin Williams is what's on our walls, Pesto and Vert Olive, but I like Behr paint a lot. Matte is my preferred finish.

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