15 Great April Fools' Gags

15 Great April Fools' Gags

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 24, 2010

April Fools' is the one time of year we can pull a few pranks on our families without having a side of guilt. All in the name of fun, Parenting magazine has put out a list of 15 silly jokes to play on your loved ones while standing back to watch what happens. Here's a few of our favorites!

Here's our top 5 gags we're totally pulling come April 1st, we're still not sure if we're lining them up one right after the other, or if we'll be playing individual tricks on different kids. No matter how you slice it, there's sure to be some fun and giggles!

Breakfast Bait & Switch: Before everyone stumbles into the kitchen for breakfast, take a few seconds and switch the bags of cereal inside the boxes. Switch with different cereals or even other assorted snacks (potato chips come to mind) for some stop-them-in-their-tracks reactions!

Bedtime Switcheroo: Once your kids fall asleep, take a few minutes and gently switch their beds. When they wake up in their brother or sister's room, they'll be out of sorts for sure!

If The Shoe Fits: Taking advantage of yesterday's newspaper, an old magazine or even some toilet paper, crumple and place in the toe of their shoes. See how long it takes them to discover why things just aren't fitting like normal!

Picture This: Who says all the jokes have to be for little kids? This trick is geared for those of computer age. Simply take a screenshot of your desktop and view the image at full size. Then see how long it takes others in your family to realize the computer isn't frozen, it's just looking at a picture?

DIY Daylight Saving Time: After setting the clocks back a few hours and rousing your sleepy heads early and convincing them that you're running late, reveal the true time and spring for a breakfast out for everyone being good sports. Pancakes cure all.

Make sure to check out the full list of 15 over at Parenting Magazine and even if you don't like the idea of a "Joke-Themed Yearly Day" who says you can't pin people's underwear together for fun on any day you feel the urge? Though unless you like kids going commando, we don't suggest pulling it very often!

(via: Parenting Magazine)
(Image: Parenting Magazine)

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