15 Surprisingly Useful Single Serving Sites

15 Surprisingly Useful Single Serving Sites

Taryn Williford
Aug 19, 2010

If you've ever been sent a link to AmIAwesome.com, you know all about the wonderful world of single serving sites. Each one has their own solitary and useless reason for existence—except that some of them can actually be pretty darn helpful. Get your bookmarks ready, because here's our favorite sites to help with everything from baking a potato to calling your cousin in Europe.

PriceOfAStamp.com and ThePostalRate.com
We're digital-life people who rely on online banking and bill pay. So when the time comes send our commissioner our Fantasy Football check, we're digging through our junk drawer, wondering if our 42¢ stamp is enough (Hint: It's not).

On the phone with tech support and need to figure out your IP address quick? Type this url in to view your IP and copy it to your clipboard with one click.

GoingToRain.com, UmbrellaToday.com, and DoINeedAnUmbrella.com
This trifecta of sites can all help streamline your getting-ready routine. Enter your location and save the site as your homepage to get an instant weather report: Yes, it's going to rain.

One of life's most difficult tasks, this site aims to show you the right way to cut, skin and core a pineapple.

No need to do a Google search or sift through a recipe website. This site has step-by-step instructions on how to bake a potato for delicious consumption.

Never again wonder whether your excruciatingly long load time is the fault of your ancient machine or the website's host. But we have one question: Where do we turn if Down For Everyone Or Just Me? is down?

One visit will show you the current time in every US state, presented in a graphically gorgeous and colorful map. But if you type "in 5 hours" or "at 5:30am eastern" into the search box, you can see the time in the future!

The name doesn't lie. Tell it where you are and where you want to call and this site tells you what to dial. No more wondering if you're supposed to dial that extra zero or not.

OK, we'll admit we have no idea exactly what this might be useful for. But somebody, somewhere must be wondering exactly which day or week of the year it is (231 of 365 or 33 of 52, if you're that guy).

Visit the site and enter a time in the box to have e.ggtimer.com count down for you. But if you find yourself cooking eggs every morning, bookmark a url that specifies your time (i.e. e.ggtimer.com/2minutes or e.ggtimer.com/30seconds). You can also make use of e.ggtimer.com's special timers for a morning wake-up routine (e.ggtimer.com/morning) or the 25/5 Pomodoro schedule (e.ggtimer.com/pomodoro).

This one's from the same guys as e.ggtimer, and it uses the same url style. Steep.it/3minutes sets a three minute tea timer to let your tea bag steep—perfect for Oolong tea, as you'll figure out on the homepage's convenient and clickable chart of tea times and temperatures.

This one's for the Apple fanboys. Set your homepage to this one, which does nothing else but tell you if the Apple Store's retail website is up and running. Useless, yes... until you realize that they take the site down every time they're adding new products. If you see a "Yes!," it's time to hit the ATM.

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