15 Things You Probably Didn’t Even Know Your House was Missing

published Oct 6, 2015
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Ok, so I’d be ecstatic if my apartment just had a washer and dryer — but it’s fun to think about your dream house and build castles in the sky. If I were to suddenly win the lottery and could have absolutely anything that I wanted, here are 15 things you might find in my home.

Above: A swimming pool in the living room. (Yes, this is real.)

David Hotson (Image credit: David Hotson)

A climbing wall (because staircases are so last year).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This kitchen.

Song Saa (Image credit: Song Saa)

This bathroom.

A hammock.

A pool with its own waterfall.

Leva & Bo (Image credit: Leva & Bo)

A swing!

Duffy London (Image credit: Duffy London)

A swing table.

BWArchitects (Image credit: BWArchitects)

A whole wall that opens up to the outdoors.

Decoratrix via Tobi Fairley (Image credit: Decoratrix)

A pillow room.

Houzz (Image credit: Houzz)

A cozy library tucked under the eaves,

Lundia (Image credit: Lundia)

A soaring three-story bookcase wall,

Contemporist (Image credit: Contemporist)

Or maybe a library with a slide.

(Image credit: Spiral Cellars)

This crazy wine cellar thing.

An inglenook.

Dwell (Image credit: Dwell)

And a cozy little spot to curl up on a rainy day.