Stay Warm: 15 Wonderfully Wintery TV Episodes To Watch This Weekend

Stay Warm: 15 Wonderfully Wintery TV Episodes To Watch This Weekend

Tess Wilson
Dec 5, 2014
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I finally have internet, I've got a Netflix streaming account, and the pantry is stocked with canned garden vegetables and $4 Trader Joe's Prosecco: I needn't leave the house for months. You'll find me streaming wintery TV 'til it's warm.

Hunker down with me! Surely none of us will need to go to work or the doctor or the store for the next four or more months. (And yes, I am going to include relevant Gilmore Girls episodes in every television post from now on.)

1. Gilmore Girls, S1E8, "Love and War and Snow"
Lorelai almost gets some, Rory introduces her wealthy grandparents to the wonders of frozen pizza, and Luke is the perfect balance of curmudgeonly and lovely (as usual).

2. Gilmore Girls, S2E10, "Bracebridge Dinner"
I included this one on the Thanksgiving Episode Roundup because of the feast, but there's no way I'm leaving out an episode that includes a snowBjörk, horse-drawn sleighs, and lots of sparkly lights.

3. Gilmore Girls, S2E11, "Secrets and Loans"
The snowy opening scene is excellent, as is the one featuring Luke and a bespectacled Lorelai flirting and negotiating in the snow.

4. Gilmore Girls, S3E12, "Lorelai Out Of Water"
Luke and Lorelai fishing in the snow!

5. Gilmore Girls, S5E11, "Women of Questionable Morals"
Lorelai loves snow, Luke loves being a curmudgeon, we all love him for it.

6. How I Met Your Mother, S4E12, "Little Minnesota"
This episode is very cute- especially cold-hardy Robin- but you're really in it for the Hoser Hut scene at the end.

7. How I Met Your Mother, S4E13, "Three Days of Snow"
Robin hits on Marshall, Ted and Barney open a bar called Puzzles, Ted makes a snow-related pun, Lily's crying makes me cry, and Ranjit saves the day (as usual).

8. How I Met Your Mother, S8E11-12, "The Final Page" Parts I & II
Sparkly lights, a glamorous party in a skyscraper, and Barney and Robin looking fabulous in fabulous winter coats

9. Sex and the City, S6E17, "The Cold War"
Hunkering down in a glamorous New York City apartment with your wildly successful lover while wearing a gorgeous sweater is why you become a freelance writer in the first place, right?

10.-12. Sex and the City, S6E18-20, "Splat!", "An American Girl in Paris" Parts Une & Deux
I felt "The Cold War" deserved special mention, but really the final four episodes of SATC are deliciously wintery. You've got Miranda's fireplace, Paris' grey beauty, Carrie's incredible coats, and Smith's sweet speech about winter, spring, and rebirth.

13. Parks and Recreation, S4E9, "The Trial of Leslie Knope"
Ethel Beavers in the snow with her official little light is the greatest winter scene possibly ever.

14. 30 Rock, S4E11, "Winter Madness"
Tracy is adorable while antagonizing all of Boston and Nancy serves up winter realness: "I've got to scrape the icicles off the gutters. I'm tired of waking up to a porch full of dead squirrels."

15.+ Northern Exposure, Every Season, Every Episode
If you watch one episode every day for 110 days, you might just make it to spring.

What are your favorite wintery TV episodes?

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