#15-Juliana6's European Vacation Condo

#15-Juliana6's European Vacation Condo

Oct 22, 2007

Name: Juliana6
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Type: One bedroom condo, owned

Why I use color:

When buying my condo, what I obsessed most about was not percentage rates and down payments. I was compiling my folder of paint samples and color swatches. I had four rooms to play with and while creating my palette a theme emerged. I was recreating the colors of my first European vacation...

I saw white, blues and stainless in my Grecian kitchen. I wanted an intense French red in my jewel box of a bathroom. My bedroom became an English cottage in walls of Antique Sage, with pinks, reds and whites. Finally, my Tuscan living room with its Venetian plastered terracotta walls and black wrought iron completed my journey. I painted a small mural above the bar leading from the living room back to the kitchen; Italy to Greece. Using so many different colors, I wanted the transition from room to room to be smooth. I used green as a unifying color, to connect each room, while still accentuating a different feel and vibe in each. The best compliment I got while hosting my first party was, "I feel like I know you so much better now
that I've seen your home." My home is an extension of me.

2 Good color tips:

1. Choose a unifying color to connect your rooms. It doesn't need to be one unifying wall color, but an accent color can provide the same flow.
2. Get a dark base coat when painting a dark, yet translucent color. The red I choose was saturated with pigment. Unfortunately, my base coat was a bubble gum pink, which was really no help at all. It took 11 coats to finally get the red I wanted. Save yourself the time and use a deep primer first!

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