16 Hilariously Relatable Tweets About Cleaning

16 Hilariously Relatable Tweets About Cleaning

Brittney Morgan
Dec 5, 2016

Even if you're generally good at keeping up with your household chores, we can all agree on one thing: Sometimes cleaning really just, well...sucks. There's nothing worse than when the dishes pile up or you suddenly realize you're out of clean clothes, and as zen as dusting and vacuuming can be, they're not exactly at the top of your fun activities list.

And sometimes no matter how hard you try to be good at cleaning, you just can't get it together (if you've ever accidentally ruined your favorite sweater in the wash, you know exactly how frustrating it can be.) The good news is, you're not alone—these tweets are proof.

When you flip the couch cushion but it's already stained:

When you get caught in the vicious circle of excuses:

When you decide it's time to just invest in some paper plates:

When you realize you have absolutely no idea what you're doing:

When you try your best but you still mess it all up:

When you become a little too comfortable not cleaning:

When you just give up, because what's even the point anymore?

When making your bed feels more like competing in the Olympics:

When you'll do it, but you're also going to complain about it:

When your laundry eventually becomes part of your decor:

When you need motivation to break out the cleaning supplies:

When you adapt to your laziness so well it's actually impressive:

When you finally clean and realize how rewarding it can be:

When you figure out how to out-do the master:

And when you plan to use your powers for good, not evil...

...because you know the struggle is real:

Did any of these hit too close to home for you?

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