#17 Serpentine913's Dark & Rich Lair

#17 Serpentine913's Dark & Rich Lair

Oct 16, 2006

Name: Serpentine913
Location: Miracle Mile area, Los Angeles, CA
Type: 1 Bedroom/rental

Why I use color: Because color basically liberates me from the mundane! I live in a very colorful, sunny and glamorous city so one day I basically had an epiphany that I no longer wanted to live in a boring white box. The owners of my building are Jewish immigrants (now elderly) from Poland that fled to the US in the 1940's to escape persecution...

I only mention that because I was quite suprised when I called them late one night to request that I be allowed to paint the unit and they immediately said, "Sure, go ahead and make it funky!" So that's exactly what I set out to do. I chose dark and rich colors for furnishings and well as paint choices. The living room is painted in Sherwin Williams' Turkish Coffee, satin finish. Halfway through painting that room, I became a little nervous that it may be more than a tad bit too dark. But because the room has three large, floor to ceiling French-style windows, it always flooded with light during the day.

I think I've done a fairly decent job with the lighting so at night the fixtures give off a sexy, glamorous glow. The walls sometimes look to me as if they have been slathered all over with melted chocolate! I decided to stick with that theme and preceded to paint the hallway leading into the bedroom in a dark, midnight blue by Ralph Lauren. For the bedroom I decided on a somewhat softer color but I still wanted a palette that was both soothing and glam. The color I chose is a metallic blue, also by Ralph Lauren. Initially I could not afford my orange suede sofa but I was patient and waited until the shop put the floor model on sale. As far as accessories, I'm a sucker for estate sales. I found the discarded x-ray light box in a trash bin. I took it home, cleaned it up, lacquered it tangerine orange and popped a black and white photo on it.

2 Good color tips:

1. Don't play by anyone else's rules but your own!

2 Good color resources:

1. I'm basically addicted to shelter magazines, especially European shelter mags! Each month I venture to my favorite bookstand and load up on the current issues of Residences, LivingEtc, Elle Decoration (the UK, Italian and French versions) and Australian Vogue Home and so on. Most times, these rags seem to feature spaces that are somewhat more colorful than those featured in American magazines and I'm drawn to that. I'm also an Internet junkie so I spend a lot of time on design-geared blogs.

2. And believe it or not, in the past year I've really gotten into collecting vinyl/designer/urban toys and these edgy toys have also inspired me to be a bit more adventurous in my color decisions.

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