#18 - Ashley's East Coast Meets Far East

#18 - Ashley's East Coast Meets Far East

Gregory Han
Oct 24, 2007

Name: Ashley
Location: Echo Park, CA
Type: Studio, rented

Why I use color:

I grew up in a suburban home, the exterior color of which I referred to as "swamp mud," while the interior was beige, beige, beige (punctuated by an occasional pineapple or duck motif). Its surroundings, in contrast, were a gorgeous sea of trees, hills, and mountains in shades of green, blue and brown, with accents of red clay and the seasonal colors of flowers or leaves. Needless to say I spent most of my childhood outdoors, and I find that I've always gravitated toward those natural colors and botanical themes.

Later on, living in Japan introduced me to an adventurous new sense of color. Unexpected combinations, especially in textiles and clothing, challenged my sense of what "matches" and opened me to experimentation. In my new studio apartment – the first I've ever had the liberty to decorate on my own – I've taken the earthy Blue Ridge shades that make me feel at home and coordinated them using a more Eastern sense of color harmony. I think the results are at once warm and cool, invigorating and calming, and welcoming to guests while remaining uniquely "me."

2 Good color tips:

1. Don't be afraid to use unconventional combinations -- a single striking color doesn't necessarily have the most impact; a creative combination can have a much more nuanced effect.

2. Think about how color schemes in different areas of your home will interact, especially if you can see from room to room. As you move through your apartment, the effect should be cohesive, even if each room has a different mood.

Favorite Paint

Ralph Lauren makes a beautiful range of colors with tones that are much more subtle than other brands.

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