#18 - Heather's Rich Rental

#18 - Heather's Rich Rental

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 12, 2006

Name: Heather Leise
Location: Richmond, Va
Type: One bedroom apartment rented

Why I use color:

I have always considered myself a lovable person and color feels like a hug to me. My husband and I live in 582 sq foot rented apartment; and each wonderful room has its own personality based on its color. When we moved in, my color blind husband insisted on color on the walls, wanting to make sure it felt like someone lived here...

Our friends scoffed at the idea of painting an apartment that is not ours. Our response: the 25 dollars it cost for each room was the easiest way to feel like this little love shack was ours. He is also a black and white photographer and some would say that the color detracts from the work. Not true, the color in each of the rooms hugs his prints and makes them pop. My husband and I and loving, warm people and the colors in our apartment speak to that, earth tones that warm the heart and eyes.

2 Good color tips:

1. Use the color of your clothes (what you like to wear will make you happy in your house)

2. Use your friends' houses as inspiration: what colors do you like anddislike in their homes, then take the ideas that you love and make them you own

2 good color resources:

1. Home Depot and Lowes: color matching and also color visualizers on their websites (love 'em).

2.If you fear color go to a store where they have bands of color from
light to dark. Start with the lightest shade of the color you like and then as you live in the color you can make it more saturated or darker by just going back to the initial strip.

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