#17 - BethE's Bungalow

#17 - BethE's Bungalow

Oct 17, 2006

Name: BethE
Location: Sacramento
Type: 1006 square foot, 2 bedroom Spanish bungalow - owned.

Why I use color:

I'm a girl on a budget, and while I would love to remodel my kitchen (the cabinets are horrible - crooked, uneven, and only one drawer - whose brilliant idea was that?!), I am currently saving my pennies for central heat and air (a necessity where it regularly exceeds 100 degrees in the summer). So, I've attempted to mitigate the wretchedness of the kitchen through the use of color. Plus, color makes me happy. I can aesthetically appreciate all white or beige rooms, but they make me restless. Contradictory as it may seem, color calms me, yet engages me at the same time.

2 good color tips:

1. Keep an open mind - don't write off any color. A few years ago I would have sworn to anyone who asked that I HATED aqua (as would any woman who had been forced to wear bridesmaid dresses in the early 90's - see also, peach, dusty rose, lavender and mint green), I have found it to be the perfect complement to my favorite color, orange. It may not read in the picture, but the chairs are the palest shade of aqua, not white. The ceiling is a slightly darker shade of the same color.

2. Be fearless with paint - it's relatively inexpensive and the easiest thing to change - and don't judge too quickly. I had a small stroke when I painted the walls and the kitchen cabinets orange, but when the furniture was loaded back into the room, the color was much more mellow. (Plus, I decided to add the tone on tone diamonds on the wall - they are my absolute favorite thing in the house - and so subtle, that in some lights you can't see them at all.)

2 good color resources:

1. Nature - so many of my friends love to be out in nature, but they are afraid to incorporate any color into their homes. One of the most inspiring things about nature are the breathtaking combinations of color - why not bring those colors home?

2. Fashion. Take a look at what is hanging in your closet - those are the colors to which you naturally gravitate - use those same colors in your home.

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