#19 Rachel's Bloody Good Bathroom

#19 Rachel's Bloody Good Bathroom

Gregory Han
Oct 17, 2006

Name: Rachel
Location: Austin, Texas
Type: 3 bedroom home built in 1935 - owned

Why I use color: I use color in a very instinctual way. I go with my gut instinct and it normally works out perfectly. I have always regretted the few times that I have second guessed myself and gone with a "safer" color.

Owning my home has given me free reign to make some very unusual color and decorating choices. I was torn over entering my red bathroom with the red claw foot tub, or my ridiculous kitchen with blue, red and black checkered Marmoleum floors, red countertops and blue sink.

The bathroom has no windows and is in the heart of the house, so I decided to use a blood red color palette and sacred heart imagery. We painted the walls and the ceiling the same color as the bathtub. Painting the ceiling a dark color gives the room a very warm, relaxing and womblike feel.

When we were having the tub refinished, the refinishing company was having trouble coming up with a color that was "blood" red. Their first attempts were all too pink/fuchsia. The legend goes that the foreman pricked his finger and wiped the blood onto an index card and they used that to match the color for the tub.

2 Good color tips:

1. Old porcelain sinks & claw foot tubs can refinished in any color that you can imagine. Salvaging an old claw foot tube and having it refinished in a cool color is often less expensive than buying a brand new white tub.

2. When considering paint chips - make sure to look at them in many different lights. When I was trying to pick the color for the exterior of my house - I sat outside with the paint chips and looked at them under the sun. They looked totally different than when I looked at them inside under incandescent light or at work under the florescent lights.

2 Good color resources:

1. I get endless inspiration from the homes of my friends. I try to always look around, notice what colors they use and how they might have used color in a new & interesting way, or in a way I might not have considered myself.

2. Nature.

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