1800s Reclaimed Wood: Tables from Unite Two Design

Unite Two Design (UTD) take the word reclaimed to a whole new level. One of their tables is made of extinct American chestnut wood from a mid-1800s schoolhouse. They call their unique style, farmpunk. They recover materials from local farms, industrial sites and residential projects to create their raw designs. Read more for details.

Their motto is beautifully simple: reclaim, redesign and repurpose. It says it all. All of the materials used in the products featured here are local and reclaimed.

Product Line-Up:

1. Group photo of all featured products.
2. O’rio by UTD. $891.00
3. Aperitif by UTD. $1295.00
4. Chestnut Level by UTD. $976.00
5. Atlas by UTD. $568.00

(Images as linked.)