This 194 Square Foot Pre-Fab Cabin Is the Ultimate Off-the-Grid Escape

published May 23, 2018
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Because obsessing over remote getaways is completely normal and appropriate at all times, here’s a tiny pre-fab cabin on the border of Turkey and Greece that will surely beckon you to its threshold. Istanbul firm SO? Architecture and Ideas designed the stylish dwelling with minimalism, durability and sustainability in mind.

The village in which Cabin on the Border sits is subject to dramatic seasonal weather changes but the structure is built to literally weather the storm, thanks to its convertible interior layout. The cabin features a polycarbonate window that can transform into a canopy, opening the living room up to the outdoors, and its plywood façade takes on the characteristics of a drawbridge and can be converted into a patio space.

The interior is constructed with plywood and contains three separate sleeping spaces near the façade patio opening. A ladder grants access to the two other sleeping areas. The cabin also includes a dining area, a bathroom, and an open plan kitchen that certainly serves as a literal example of the country’s modern and rustic design aesthetic.

At approximately 194 square feet, the cabin is made from laminated wood and polycarbonate, and features a roof that’s clad in solar panels, enabling its off-the-grid capabilities. Another self-sustaining aspect of the home is its built-in rain catchment system. While the home was built ahead of time and transported to the site, it seamlessly blends with its natural mustard plant-filled surroundings while slightly elevated to reduce impact to the building site.

Of their vision to help the cabin sync in with the area, the architects told Inhabitat, “We tried to envision the nature not only as a picturesque background but also as a protagonist of the scenes we will create.”