#2 - Bob's Dark, Rich Nest

#2 - Bob's Dark, Rich Nest

Oct 4, 2006

Name: Bob
Location: San Francisco
Type: Owned -- A 1925 home in San Francisco that we've been remodelling for the last 8 years (a painfully slow one room at a time effort).

Why I use color:

I'm a nester -- and dark, rich colors are for nesting. It feels good to come home and curl up with a book in a room that glows like a fire in a fireplace, especially when the days shorten and the rainy season starts.

2 good color tips:

1. A lot of colors go together -- don't limit yourself to just a few. Google cornucopia and do an image search to see all of the colors on the first few pages. You'll find orange, brown, green, gold, red, purple... Everything doesn't have to match -- even if you're going for fall colors, black and white can still be used to add crispness.

2. Chenille rocks -- there are a lot of warm, woodsy colors and patterns to pick from. If you're going for warm and think your cat can be trained to claw elsewhere, go chenille.

2 good color resources:

1. Gee -- apart from the pumpkin patch, we spent a lot of time at Home Depot and Lowes, buying and then discarding paint that we ended up hating. We settled on sand paint and love the result. Ralph Lauren and Behr both have sand paint lines and I found almost all of of the Lauren colors go very well together. Bless Ralph for taking a lot of guess work out of the process. (Note: sand paint is a lot of work to apply but it adds an interesting texture and depth to otherwise flat walls. I just hope we still like it 20 years from now because it is going to be a real pain to take off if we decide to go flat again :-)

2. For fabric, we spent a day digging through paisley swatches at Giorgi Brothers showroom in South San Francisco. They have a very large collection of swatches and you can take samples home on loan.

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