2 Hi-Tech Ways to Prevent Tripping on Hoses and Extension Cords

2 Hi-Tech Ways to Prevent Tripping on Hoses and Extension Cords

Gregory Han
Apr 5, 2013

Since childhood I've always harbored a joy for watering the garden or washing the car with a garden hose. Perhaps it's the memories of Slip 'n Slide summers, sipping from hose after a game of tag, or maybe days helping my dad wash the car. 

But give me a hose and point me to somewhere to water or a car to wash, and I'm there like I'm 8 years old all over again. Unfortunately, unless you've got great patience, and even better coordination, putting away a wet and dirty garden hose can be testing. That is, unless you have a genuine Italian made automatic hose reel...

At $199, I'd put the RotoRoll Automatic Hose Reel in the same category as noise-canceling headphones or the Vita-Mix blender: an admittedly expensive luxury you'll probably never regret buying. It's almost SkyMall ridiculous. Yet, I think I might still want to get one of these for my 70 year old mother who still enjoys watering her succulent garden and lawn, but avoids putting away the hose. I worry she'll trip and hurt herself one day; it just lays there like a large green snake in the grass just inviting an accident.
The rewind system inside the RotoRoll handles every task of controlling the retraction action of the hose in a quiet and controlled manner [video], preventing an overly fast rewind, and guiding the hose neatly back into place. The system looks almost like something you'd see used by the pit crew for a formula 1 driver, but all you'll be using it for is to water your begonias, albeit in Italian style! 

Another route down the highway to the danger zone: extension cords in the garage. The RoboReel Power Cord System appears to be the sturdy cousin of the geekier (and retired) Google Nexus Q. Just like the RotoRoll, the RoboReel handles wind up duty automatically, a motor driven system powered by a 180V DC motor safely coils up a three outlet extension cord. 

It gets even more interesting once the unit is ceiling or wall mounted, keeping the extension cord handy with 360 degree rotation, all with a safer two-speed retraction action (fast at first, slow as it nears completion) similar to high-end vacuum cleaner power cords. I could see this coming in handy for those days I'm invited by my mom for honey-do tasks where I need to plug in, like trimming the front garden hedges or vacuuming the car inside the garage (alas, as a renter with only a carport, I can only live vicariously through my home-owning mother for now).
If you're committed to the old fashioned, hands-on technique, be sure to check out our past post about How To Neatly Wrap Cords and Hoses

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