2 Key Questions For Utility-Friendly Home Renovation

2 Key Questions For Utility-Friendly Home Renovation

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 17, 2010

Outside of the materials we use during renovation or construction projects, one of the biggest impacts we can make is on our utilities. Working on long, hot afternoons means using fans or air conditioning to keep us cool. Likewise, working during winter months can mean additional heat or supplies, so before you start your next project, ask yourself two things:

1. Is There A Better Time Of Day To Do This?
If you can rise before the sun to start working on a project, you'll not only stay cooler yourself, but you won't require as much electricity to run fans and air conditioning to keep you cool. Try taking a nap midday or stopping your work until the hottest parts of the day are over and return to work when things have cooled down a bit. It's a great way to pace yourself and keep your bills low along the way.

Take advantage of daylight during shorter days. In areas where it's a moderate temperature all year round, it's easy to work when you feel like it, but with shorter days comes the need for more light! Instead of busting out the shop lights to work long into the night, try working within the confines of the days light, even if it means changing up your schedule a little.

2. Does It Have To Be Done Right Now?
Most of us plan out all sorts of details about our mini makeovers or renovations to our spaces. We're all about what kind of hardware to use or what style doors, drawers or lighting we want to use. We save and when we have the money, we move forward. But why plan out so much of our project, and not take time into consideration.

Obviously if you have an emergency situation or something that is of a safety concern, then things need to be handled asap, but if you have the ability to schedule your renovations so you'll be using as little electricity as possible — you'll be doing your wallet and your planet a favor. Replace windows when it's roughly the same temperature inside as it is outside, tackle insulation issues before winter sets in and so forth. Spring and Fall can be your best friends if you put them to use properly!

(Image: Flickr member Hendricks Photos licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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