2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Organizing

2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Organizing

Beth Zeigler
Dec 18, 2008

121808desk-01.jpgBefore you start organizing your office space (or any space for that matter), it's important to ask yourself questions that will instruct your process. You'll need a vision for the space (and a goal statement wouldn't hurt either) but we've found these two questions really enlighten the organizing process.

  1. What items are on your desk currently? List everything within reach, from a large filing cabinet to a hole puncher to back issues of magazines (this might be a lengthy list but we find taking stock of everything really quantifies what you're surrounded by on a daily basis).
  2. What items do you use on a daily/weekly basis at your desk? Take an inventory of items you use on a daily basis for a few days so you can say without hesitation what you actually need close by when you're working. What we find when working with clients is that they have quite a bit of clutter surrounding them but often, they never refer to those items or actively use those belongings enough to rationalize having them close by.
For all the items that end up staying--contain and stow. For the items that are just taking up space in the prime real estate area of your desk, find a way to relocate them to another area (office supply room, hallway closet, basement). By taking the opportunity to assess your belongings and their usage, you'll find it's much easier to declutter.

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