2 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Home Organized

2 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Home Organized

Abby Stone
Dec 7, 2009

Every year about this time, when the chaos of holiday planning, partying and the pressure of trying to get everything done for the holidays overwhelms us, we find ourselves vowing that next year will be different and then a few months later, our resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Rather than make a long list of resolutions this year, we'll start with two.

Put It Away: We don't know about you but this is the number one way our home spins out of control. We start a project and, in our enthusiasm, we take everything out, then the doorbell or the phone rings, it's time for our favorite tv show to start, something else catches our attention and off we go, leaving a mess in our wake. This year, we'll put stuff away, whether it's the tornado of clothes left strewn about our room after we finished getting dressed or the dishes that have dried overnight.

Do It Now: Hand in hand with putting stuff away is the "do it now" principle. This may be our biggest challenge. We're totally guilty of walking in the door with the mail in hand, planning to deal with it and then letting ourselves get distracted, putting off taking out the garbage til tomorrow or doing the laundry until later or waiting to get the roof fixed. Then we need to wear those shoes and the heel's broken or the rain comes and the water dribbles in through the hole or the birthday party's in an hour and we don't have a present. So, instead of putting stuff off, we'll take care of it now even if it seems easier to do it later.

What are your home resolutions for this year?

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