2 Tiny Tech Tips That Will Save You Time

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes the best ideas don’t always have to be big ones. In fact, it can often be the little things that save you the most time and effort, especially when it comes to your tech and the time spent on the go. Two of the smallest ideas have changed our (and our friends) travel time tremendously, care to guess what they are?

1. Buy A Second AC Adapter For Your Laptop: We have written posts until we are blue in the face about taming the clutter that wires leave around our work space, but what happens when you have to unplug and take those wires on the go? No one wants to spend a half an hour undoing cable clips and other hiding solutions to remove their needed charger, so simply — buy a second one.

You can find them for cheap at many electronic stores, but better yet, eBay and Craigslist can be an excellent discounted source and will usually yield your exact model number to ensure you always have consistent power while on the go without all the headache.

2. Add A Extension Cord Under Your Sofa For Guests: When friends come over, there’s a good chance these days they’ll be toting their laptop, cameras and more. With everyone on the go we all come equipped and usually have a little work to do somewhere. Try plugging in an extension cord that’s solely meant for the use of your guests. That way they don’t have to go digging behind your sofa or under a table to plug in.

If you’re worried about looks, simply staple one to the under side of your sofa frame (assuming it’s wood) and it will stay off the floor and still be right at hand when needed.

Do you have a simple tech tip that makes your world a little easier from day to day? Let us know in the comments below! There’s no tip to small!

(Image: Flickr member j/f/photos licensed for use by Creative Commons)