20 20 Minute Home Repairs You Can DIY

20 20 Minute Home Repairs You Can DIY

Abby Stone
Mar 20, 2009

32009-repair.jpgThis week, our Curees are being asked to fix one thing in their home themselves. We realize that can be a daunting request (Personally, I'm all thumbs when it comes to home repair, as likely to cause more damage as to fix something) but here's a list, courtesy of Popular Mechanics which includes something for everyone, from beginning handyman to Mr. Fix-It...

  1. Change your cabinet's knobs: The longest part of this job may be deciding which ones to get.
  2. Quiet rattling doors: a big challenge in LA where earthquakes are constantly shifting the relationship between door and jamb.
  3. Silence squeaky hinges: one step beyond the simple fix
  4. Keep cabinet doors closed: ditch that rubberband you've been using
  5. Hang pictures perfectly: whether you prefer your pictures hung in lines or in groups like Kate Spade, here's a tip on doing it perfectly.
  6. Attach felt bottoms to furniture legs: For heavy pieces of furniture, try plastic gliders
  7. Make steps and stairs non-skid: stick on abrasive tape is one answer. If your steps are polyurethaned or painted, try setting aside a small portion, mixing it with sand and using this adulterated portion in place of abrasive tape.
  8. Straighten sagging shelves: If you can't bear to thin out your book collection
  9. Recess your toilet paper roll: this is definitely a repair that requires patience
  10. Freshen the toilet seat: Swapping out your old seat for a new one is an easy improvement for your bathroom. And if you've just moved into a new apartment, we think it's one of the first things you should be doing.
  11. Replace your showerhead: this is a simple fix that can add much to your quality of life
  12. Switch your light switchplates: pick these up while you're getting new knobs.
  13. Raise a bar: mount a pull up bar and improve your arm strength with work out at home
  14. Add a closet shelf: don't let unused space go to waste
  15. Cushion the tool collection: and make sure it's up to date
  16. Put pot lids in their place. One solution. Here's another.
  17. Mount ledges for bath storage: because there's never enough room for all our toiletries
  18. Clear countertop clutter: Putting up a knife rack is on our list of kitchen improvements for renters
  19. Suspend your stemware: If your cabinet shelves are high enough, this is a great way to store stemmed wine glasses.
  20. Enforce cord control: or try these suggestions from unpluggd, our sister site.

For the full article, including the details on how to DIY, click here.

[image: Keshigomu's flickr, with a Creative Commons license]

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