My 20 Days Without Media: The Value Of Staring At The Wall

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The view from my living room sofa!

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to head to anywhere that required snowshoes this season, being able to stay in my own home and take a little time off was a luxury I’ve never really been afforded before. Even when I’m not found here writing for Apartment Therapy Media, I still have a bad habit of staying on top of everything in the media. I read thousands of blogs a day, newspapers, magazines, catch TV shows, movies and more. But for the last 20 days all I’ve done is stare at the wall… and it was glorious.

As you might have noticed for the last several weeks we’ve been bringing you the best content from the last year while we all took a much needed break from our computer screens. Although I’m usually the type to fill my vacation days with a million projects, books to read, meals to make and places to visit, this year I literally stared at the wall.

For many this probably isn’t as entertaining, but for myself in my new house (or rather old church we’re converting), since the day we moved in we’ve had nothing but headaches and an all-go schedule. The last 20 days were really the first time I’ve had to exist in my home and just examine.

I watched how the light moved through the space and drew up a million different ideas for my kitchen in my head. Although I contemplated finishing the install on my bathroom floor, I was completely captivated with not being involved. I spent time outside with my dogs and neighbors and spent some quality time with my husband instead of the usual fleeting space between TV shows at night.

By being away from the mass media it was obvious that I became more in tune with the world around me. Although we talk a great deal about eco-friendly products to fill your home with, there’s something to be said for unwinding, taking a step back and listening, pondering and existing. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if you have really big windows and an amazing view of the sunset like we do!

I hope everyone is awarded with a little time to stare at a wall this year. I know my home will be better for it, as will my sanity!