Trick-or-Treat Yo’ Pet: 20 Fantastic Dog & Cat Costumes From Etsy

published Oct 3, 2017
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(Image credit: Etsy)

Behold a cat dressed as a stack of pancakes, because if we didn’t already love Halloween, this vision has given us even greater reason to flip out over All Hallows Eve. Should you have a kitty or pup patient enough to withstand layers of felt and velcro, don’t miss 20 of our favorite pet costumes, from sweet to silly to spooky, in sizes for the teeniest kitten and the most massive pooch, all available from Etsy.

(Image credit: LuckyFoxKnits)

Dachshund Unicorn Hood Knitting Pattern by Lucky Fox Knits, $5.50

If you start now, you still have time to knit a unicorn hood for your dachshund—pardon me, your dachshunicorn. And even if you’re not a knitter, click through to enjoy 10 photos of a teeny dog doing its very best to be a majestic, mystical creature.

(Image credit: WGCommerce)

Dog or Cat Rocker Costume by WGCommerce, $24

This is labeled “Dog or Cat Rocker Costume With Guitar WIG INCLUDED,” but it is clearly a Harry Styles Costume. Do dogs really consent to keeping wigs and hats on their heads? If so, all dogs should be wearing jaunty chapeaus and/or sassy wigs at all times.

(Image credit: PawsomeCrochet)

Frankenstein Hat for Dogs by PawsomeCrochet, $19.95

This is super cute and all, but you should really buy it just so you can pedantically correct people all night: “Frankenstein was the doctor; this is Frankenstein’s dog.”

(Image credit: AStichADayByDeb)

Pet Garden Gnome Costume by AStitchADayByDeb, $30

Send in your pet’s measurements and you’ll receive a custom-made gnome costume including belted shirt, beard and hat. As someone who loves gnomes, I’m not sure why the eyebrows are halfway up the hat, but a quick Google search proved that’s not an unheard of location for gnome eyebrows. Nevertheless: it’s adorable.

(Image credit: ThePinkPapyrus)

Halloween Dog Shirt by PinkPapyrus, Starting at $21

This puntastic shirt helps keep your pooch safe, thanks to the glow-in-the-dark graphic. For those discerning pups who want to acknowledge the holiday without going overboard.

(Image credit: TheHookster)

Harry Potter Dog Sweater by TheHookster, Starting at $29

My reaction upon seeing this sweater was a huffy, “They had BETTER let you pick the house of your choice,” and, of course, they do. Have your dog take the Pottermore quiz to see whether they’re Hufflepup, Slytherintintin, Ravenpaw, or Gryffindog, place your order (five sizes available), and then simply “slip it over your pooch’s head and fasten the tummy band with a button closure.” Bonus points if you buy a mini broom for your dog to carry in its mouth like a prized stick.

(Image credit: KOCouture)

Lion Dog Costume by KOCouture, Starting at $75

This is the kind of costume to save for when your dog is finished growing, as it’s quite a bit pricier than the rest. But it’s also so darn cute! Dress yourself as Dorothy, dress your dog as the Cowardly Lion, and spend Halloween searching for your Scarecrow and Tinperson!

(Image credit: TicketyBootique)

Pancake Pet Costume by TicketyBootique, Starting at $14

The only thing better than this darling stack o’flapjacks costume is how much this cat clearly resents wearing it. Lightly torment your own pets this Halloween, and consider dressing yourself as maple syrup.

(Image credit: SewDoggoneCreative)

Mermaid Dog Costume by sewdoggonecreative, $39.99

This costume is exclusively for small breeds who don’t mind dragging around a fluffy tail. The seashell bra on the dog’s back is a bit of a mystery, but still: so cute. Dress yourself as Prince Eric (the easiest costume I ever threw together: dark pants, boots, white button-down, red sash around the waist) and serenade your merdog with Fathoms Below.

(Image credit: PawsomeCrochet)

Taco Pet Costume by PawsomeCrochet, $19.95

If you happen to have a chihuahua, this is the perfect costume, but it can work on any medium cat or small dog. Use express shipping to make sure it arrives by Halloween!

(Image credit: LilPhaniesLine)

Candy Corn Costume by LiLphaniesLine, $12

Establish your position in the great candy corn debate with this sweet little crocheted jacket. It will fit dogs and cats under 5lbs (the photos demonstrate that it’s perfectly sized for a small water bottle).

(Image credit: BeautifulSalam on Etsy)

Cowboy/Cowgirl Pet Shirt by BeautifulSalam, Starting at $18.90

If you’re going for a Westworld costume theme this Halloween, get your pets in on the Wild West action with this rugged look. Would also work for a High Noon or Village People group costume. (Friendly reminder: Obviously don’t dress as the Native American unless you are actually Native/First Nations! People will still get it with just the cowboy, leatherman, cop, G.I., and construction worker.)

(Image credit: WhiskersWorld)

I Do Tricks For Treats Dog Shirt by WhiskersWorld, Starting at $15.95

This is the day your dog has been training for all year! (I’m going to go ahead and assume that your cats can’t do any tricks, or rather, choose not to do tricks.) Pop them in this cute embroidered shirt—available in 14 colors and 10 sizes—and take them trick-or-treating with the kids.

(Image credit: PoochieStudio)

Wonder Woman Pet Costume by PoochieStudio, $39.99

Celebrate the only recent comic book movie about a female superhero with this fun costume. Maybe rewatch the movie right now, just to get inspired, and again when the costume is delivered!

(Image credit: zxcvvcxz)

Cat Witch Hat Crochet Pattern by zxcvvcxz, $2.99

If you have a cat, your go-to costume should be a witch, and any respectable witch’s cat should have its own hat. Start crocheting now (you can also buy it ready-made if you don’t crochet) and you can make hats for every cat you know in time for Halloween.

(Image credit: Patrikka)

Cat Witch Hat by Patrikka, Starting at $14

If you don’t happen to crochet, don’t fear: your cat can still have a hat worthy of your witchiness. For an extra quarter, you can have a jack-o-lantern pin added, but this all-black look is classic.

(Image credit: TicketyBootique)

Pig Pet Hat by TicketyBootique, $16

The concept of dressing animals up as other animals is inherently hilarious. Made of soft fleece in sizes suitable for small and large cats, this hat is also available for custom order in larger sizes.

(Image credit: PawsomeCrochet)

Dog Unicorn Costume by PawsomeCrochet, $16.95

This particular unicorn costume is so rainbow-fabulous! It is sized for medium and large breeds of dogs and can be reused next summer for Pride.

(Image credit: TicketyBootique)

Pizza Pet Costume by TicketyBootique, $14

A cat or small dog dressed as pizza is great and all, but you can win Halloween if you both have a pet rat AND you custom-order an extra-small pizza costume for it. Same rule applies to pet turtles.

(Image credit: BadTags)

Dog Tag by BadTags, $14

For the minimalist pup: This tag with a glow-in-the-dark silicone ring is available in two sizes and 24 colors, and it can be engraved with up to four lines of information on the back. There are 15 other Halloween-themed tags to choose from, too!