#20 Lesa & Brian's Fall Luxe Livingroom

#20 Lesa & Brian's Fall Luxe Livingroom

Oct 18, 2006

Name: Lesa & Brian
Location: Canyon Country, CA
Type: 3 Bed condo/own

Why I use color:While it has been proven in certain circles that color sets the tone of a room and even stimulates parts of the brain (such as red rooms that make you hungry), I tend to use color for the way it makes me "feel" inside. When we were apartment-dwellers without the permission to paint; the white walls made us feel uninspired and stifled. With color, we instantly feel more creative and our personalities shine through as a result.

For our walls, we chose colors that looked as though the home would almost taste and smell good! Colors like Merlot and Mulberry and Plum (for the living room) are inspirational, rich tones that encourage us to cook, create, and entertain. They all work well beside one another, they compliment the furnishings, and contribute to the real flavor of our home. Someone said once, after viewing the pictures I used for this entry, that it looked like our house would always smell good! We wouldn't have it any other way!

2 Good color tips:

1. The use of color can draw attention to certain areas of a room that might deserve it more than others. Use color to highlight ceilings, trim, open beams, or mouldings that you want to stand out.vIf your floor isn't so great, show off great walls, and vice versa! If there is a focal point in the room that should be shown off, paint it in bold colors and use precision when you deal with the trims. Crisp, clean lines and colors that work well together are key to drawing the eye to a special area of the room. Add accessories and furnishings that match or compliment the paint color to bring even more attention to the color you choose!

2. Use colors that look great from the perspective of nearby rooms. We like to stand in the room with the best view of the space we're about to paint and choose a color that will not only work well in that space, but that will look great when viewed from a room that has already been painted. For instance, we chose a color for the kitchen that worked well with the color of our livingroom because you can see it from the sofa. Also, we added certain touches of the kitchen color on the mantel of our livingroom. It adds a nice flow and connects the two rooms really well.

2 Good color resources:

1. We love to use the color wheel to get inspiration and take photos of my rooms and use Photoshop to "pre-paint" the walls before buying paint. There are also many online resources that have auto-generated programs that do this for you with a pre-selected choice of paint colors.

2. If you're not very internet or Photoshop savvy, buying small containers to sample paint is a great way to test drive them on the walls in the room of your choice. It also makes sense to do this anyway, since the changes in artificial and natural light are a huge factor. Taping a few paint chips or card samples to the wall can do the trick, but since paint does tend to dry a little bit darker than when first applied, paint chips aren't always a perfect match.

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