20 Projects For A Handmade Home

20 Projects For A Handmade Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 26, 2010

There is no post greater than one that enables you do tackle a project in your own home. I've always been a fan of those that still leave you with a little money in your pocket and look just as awesome as something that's store bought or professionally installed. Check out these projects that will leave your home glamorous and have all your friends asking where you got it!

20 Projects For A Handmade Home
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  1. Killy & Oliver's Handmade Tufted Headboard: This headboard will have you racing to the hardware store as it's looks are only matched by it's thrifty price!

  2. Weekend Project: Transform a Chair with Decoupage : Decoupage sounds like a dirty word from decades gone by, but it can really bring a freshness to a space for very little money!

  3. DIY Universal Knife Block: A knife block is easier to make than you think and is great for your home or given as a gift!

  4. Cute and Crafty DIY Doormat Inspiration!: If your doorway feeling a little lack-luster? A little paint and some patience is just what the doctor ordered.

  5. DIY Headboard from Repurposed Materials: Headboards are ridiculously expensive. Make this one from reclaimed goods for next to nothing and get good at dragging home stray materials!

  6. Minimalist DIY Pet Bed: Giving your furry friend a chic place to sleep is a bonus when it comes to extra leg room in your own bed. Here's a pretty sweet sleep space for your four legged friend.

  7. DIY Sailor's Knot Doorstop & Paperweight : The idea of paying big bucks for a piece of rope seems a little silly. Make your own doorstop or paperweight with this quick tutorial.

  8. Christina's Colorful Stripe DIY Wall Mural : We'll always tell you the easiest way to transform any space is with paint. This look is big on color and is far less pricey than designer wall paper!

  9. DIY Trunk to Rolling Bar Project: If space is at a premium in your kitchen, get the booze out of the way and check Craigslist for a trunk in your area that could use a little repurposing.

  10. DIY Cigar Box Storage Project : This storage solution is a great way to organize a craft or sewing room that's spiraling out of control.

  11. DIY Hanging Coat Rack for Narrow Halls and Closets : Although some might look at this and think, "I'm not hanging a stick in my house!" We stand firmly resolved that you can't knock it till you try it because it look great and adds storage to any size space!

  12. DIY Canvas Paintings: Painting on canvas doesn't always have to take a large amount of artistic talent. Here's a few wall art ideas for beginners that won't leave you intimidated by a blank canvas!

  13. Weekend Project: Give An Old Bench New Life: Who knew attaching a rug from IKEA to a bench could have such huge (and appealing) results!?

  14. Fred's DIY Self Venting Cat Litter Box Project: Every cat needs a proper place to do their business and it's even better when no one else has to see it or smell it!

  15. DIY Damien Hirst Style Wall Panel Using Paint Chips: So what if you get the stink eye for two fisting paint chips at your local hardware store? I'm sure they'll understand when you inform them that this project is waiting in the wings!

  16. DIY Yarn and Twig Dandelions: So your green thumb isn't exactly green? Try making a few of these faux-flowers that will keep your place lively and chic without the need for watering or guilt that you killed them!

  17. How To Make a DIY Magazine File: No matter how many magazines you've donated or given away to friends, there's still bound to be a few you keep for reference. Make them a little more attractive... starting with a box of cereal.

  18. An Easy Do-It-Yourself Statement Sign: When you need big art to fill a space, this is a great way to go. All you need is a little spray paint and a few stencils (or really steady hand).

  19. DIY Chevron Rug: From painters tarp to rug with a little elbow grease, this big look comes in at a very small price.

  20. Eliminate Drafts with a Homemade Draft Python: No matter what the season it's best that the outdoor temperatures stay, well, outdoors. Keep them in their place with this stylish alternative to puffy foam sealers.

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Still looking for a little more inspiration? Check out this post from last year that's full of all sorts of thrifty DIY projects from 2009 (did we mention they all come in under $50?).

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