20 Things You Can Live Without to Reduce Clutter

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This title over at Babble grabbed our attention. Here’s someone actually telling you what you can get rid of. We had to check it out.

Here are a few things that made the Babble list:

• I wouldn’t go without the beautiful bowls pictured above, but go through your dishes and see if there is just too much.
• Pantry items you won’t or haven’t used. Donate them to the local food pantry.
• Books. If they don’t have sentimental value and you know you’re not going to get to them- go sell them and start using your library card.
• DVD’s, CD’s, and Photos: This one can be controversial. Not everyone wants all of this entirely digital- but it certainly will give you a lot more space. The least you can do is go through and purge these collections.
• Extra cleaning products: We’re guilty of buying cleaning products when we already have enough in the past. Now we try to stick to a bottle of vinegar, water and tea tree oil for multi-purpose use as well as Seventh Generation natural disinfectant for the kitchen and bathroom.

There’s a lot more in Babble’s slideshow and they’re all good suggestions although all require quite a bit of work- sorting through the pantry, closet, bookshelves. If there’s one thing we would definitely add its toys. Go through your kids toys, try presenting something that doesn’t get played with regularly in a different way, and if it still doesn’t get touched – give it away.

(Image: Flickr Member Maureen Lunn licensed for Creative Commons)