For Every Budget: 20 Wooden Baby Gyms

updated Nov 20, 2019
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We have a small home, so there is no place to hide the typical baby gear that tends to collect when you have a child. As a result, I’ve been on the hunt for beautiful but affordable baby products ever since I became pregnant with my first child. I definitely wanted a play gym because I know that babies love them, but I wanted something that I could love as well. Here are twenty lovely wooden baby play gyms for every budget (and even a few DIY options!). 

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Row 1:
1. Handmade Natural Wood Baby Gym: Highland Wood ($95)
2. LEKA Baby Gym: IKEA ($29.99)
3. Iglu Baby Gym: Il Leccio Wooden Toys (€55.00)
4. Wooden Baby Gym: Q Toys ($56.95)
5. Wooden Play Gym: Finn & Emma ($135)

Row 2:
6. My First Gym: Hape ($60)
7. Wooden Activity Gym: Cariboo ($199)
8. Custom Handmade Wooden Baby Gym: Studio Mishela ($88)
9. Kid-O Optica Baby Gym: Smart Educational Toys ($47.99)
10. Eco-Friendly Wooden Baby Gym: Heimess ($114.43)

Row 3:
11. Wooden Baby Gym: Sevi ($62.16)
12. Handmade Wooden Cloud Activity Gym: Littles ($95)
13. DIY Wooden Infant Toy Arch: Jack in CT
14. Eco Friendly Wooden Baby Gym: Eco Dad Creations ($149)
15. Baby Gym: Pontino ($242)

Row 4:
16. Ladybird Baby Gym Bigjigs: Mimi Toys (€32.95)
17. Musina Play Gym: Nature Baby ($89.95)
18. Plan Toys Activity Baby Gym: Miniluu ($79)
19. DIY Wooden Baby Gym: Empty Handed
20. Handmade Wooden Play Arch Gym: Solstice Woodworks ($60)

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